Competitive Juices Flowing In The Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge

This community of readers has something to be proud of. We are doing great with our Donors Choose Challenge. Despite much larger audiences at TechCrunch, Engadget, and Lifehacker, we are still in second place, behind Tomato Nation which will not be caught.

Tomato Nation is proof that audience size is not the thing you need to win the blogger’s challenge. I just Alexa’d Tomato Nation and Sara’s blog has an alexa rank of 343,562. This blog has an alexa rating of around 27,000. And Sara is killing me. TechCrunch is 635 on Alexa and we are killing them.

So if audience size isn’t the answer to winning the Bloggers Challenge, what is? Kara Swisher is trying turning her two boys into Jerry Lewis to get her ranking up. I hope it works.

Kara is also getting a little competitive with me on this one.

But the wily venture capitalist Fred Wilson is still on top with 36
donors and $11,247 (we don’t want Valleywag to start wagging, but we
hear donating is a requirement of term sheet signing, not that there’s
anything wrong with that).

Wilson is foiling BoomTown’s genius master plan of winning the award
Yahoo is sponsoring for the bloggers who inspire the most readers to
give. The winner will get a free lunch with CEO Jerry Yang, from whom we currently cannot get the time of day.

Wilson, like any decent VC, probably has got the phone number to Yang’s golf cart!

I don’t think Jerry is playing much golf now that he’s busy doing a turnaround at Yahoo, but Kara is right, I don’t really need to win that prize.

Lunch with Jerry Yang goes to the blogger who has the most readers contribute (not raise the most money). So please go to the Challenge page and contribute, as little as $10 would be great.

I would gladly give lunch with Jerry away to someone who needs it more, but I need to figure out if I can do that, and how I could use it to stimulate more giving to public school teachers, which is what this is all about. More on this later.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Jackson Miller

    So, do I include the donation when I send in the Executive Summary, or do I wait until we get to term sheet signing?

    1. fredwilson

      kara is spreading rumors 🙂

  2. Charlie Crystle

    Donation upon plan submission will generate more donations. Self-interest is a perfectly acceptable reason for making a donation–to the nonprofit, at least.How about a post on Burma, Fred?

  3. Shripriya

    It’s amazing how competitive this challenge is getting. Kind of cool.

  4. Michael Hoffman

    Fred. I am sure you can turn that prize into your own challenge and raise even more money. Lets keep it going.