The Band With No Name

The Four Fellas have added a new band member, Taliana, who can really sing and she showed her stuff last night at the Coffee House at Elizabeth Irwin High School in Soho.

Now they have to come up with a new name. Good thing they don’t need the .com URL. That will make it easier.

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  1. Dick Costolo

    plus, it looks like there are five fellas up there.

    1. fredwilson

      The guy lurking behind the keyboard player is their band coach/manager Vin

  2. Charlie

    Band name suggestions:Half the Day DownBlueberry PancakesOut and AboutSay EnoughTogetherPerfect WeatherSince the StormMore Things I Suck AtBlogging from FlockIs DisappointedSuch Good FriendsMedia UpdatedSpoke Too SoonCustomizing Some KicksSee the ScarecrowsAnnual ReportsGetting ReadyHappily FatiguedLoudest HotelFor BreakfastDay 107Dancing with SpaniardsInterrupting the GameOvernight KayakingIn a MeetingChinatown Bus to BostonPumped for the WeekendSocial Luddite(All grabbed from my various feeds integrated into Flock)

    1. fredwilson

      i like loudest hotel

  3. peteski

    I like the iteration, keep it.Few FlewFawn FallsFallen FoeFad FollowersFade Firstyou get the isn’t there enough bands already?Fop

    1. fredwilson

      good idea. they should be five ?????

  4. JayR

    Here’s a few suggestions:Pay to PlayThe World Class CEOsThe MortiesAnd my personal favorite, the Ratchets (has an edgy sound when you say it without looking at the word)

    1. fredwilson

      The mortiesYou crack me up

  5. jackson

    Looking over Charlie’s suggestions, I like ‘Spoke Too Soon’, and ‘Loudest Hotel’. I REALLY like ‘Chinatown Bus’ (lose the Boston bit).I have many ideas as well, but I’ll fill you in off-line, as my band names are so totally bad-ass that I want to keep ’em out of the collective conciousness as long as possible.From the photo (what no video?) I see the former fellas have gone with a twin guitar attack. I wholeheartedly endorse the move.It also looks (again, the photo) like Vin is playing bass, maybe? I would hope somebody is, for Josh’s sake at the very least. Bass is necessary, more so than even it’s 6 string cousin.Yeah, I said it……… something to say?Anyway, let’s get these guys a demo.

    1. fredwilson

      Josh says that Taliana is going to pick up the bass duties. She can playbass already.Josh likes chinatown bus too. Now he’s gotta convince his bandmates. That’stough as you well know.fred

      1. emily q

        do u know taliana? cuz if u do tell that emily quaglia from ckm from like years ago says hi

  6. emily q

    they should call themselves the fallen foes

  7. ryan

    do u rember me from bp penny for a guy lol