No Conflict No Interest - Or How To Launch A Platform in 2007

Less than five years ago, if you wanted to launch something important in tech, you staged a big media event, got all the major tech publications to come, and put on a big show. Apple still does it that way, as does Microsoft, but the times are changing.

Google’s launch of open social is interesting. They pre-launched it in the blogs and are getting top bloggers who are also their partners, like Marc Andreessen, to do some of the work for them. It’s smart.

Marc’s company Ning is one of the leading partners for open social and I think Ning will benefit greatly from it. So he’s going to promote it because of pure self interest. Which is fine, in fact it’s preferable in my book.

I remember my partner Brad’s nephew telling him that he preferred sports blogs to sports pages in the newspaper. Brad asked why and his nephew said, "at least I know where they are coming from".

We know where Marc is coming from. He wants Ning to succeed and because he’s made a bet on open social, he wants it to succeed. That’s good.

In return Marc gets the right to showcase screen shots and do a full blown screencast of open social before the big press launch.

And that, in turn, gets the rest of the blog world talking even more about it, including me.

I posted my thoughts on open social yesterday. I am a fan. I think this is great for developers, great for the social web, and great for me. No conflict, no interest.

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