My Generation

My Generation – The Who

So just as I was settling into the notion of supporting Hillary, I get this link in a comment from Michael Beckner on my Scar Tissue post. It’s Andrew Sullivan’s piece on Hillary vs Obama (and boomers vs my generation) in this month’s Atlantic Monthly.

I was born in 1961, 16 days after Barack, at the hospital at the US Military Academy at West Point. I lived through the vietnam era (my dad was there for a year in ’68/’69) but I am not defined by it. I do not consider myself a baby boomer although technically I suppose I am on the bubble.

Andrew eloquently argues that the US has been trapped in baby boomer politics since the vietnam war and it’s ossifying our country and forcing decisions around dimensions that are increasingly irrelevant. This is the single best argument for an Obama presidency that I have read, including a face to face meeting with the man himself several months ago.

It’s got me thinking again about Obama. Good thing I don’t have to go to the polls today. Look for my favorite quotes from the piece on a bit later this morning.