Top 10 Records of 2007 – Number 7

I find my music in lot’s of places these days, but one of the best is in the comments to this blog. And that’s how I found out about Patrick Wolf. Josef left this comment to my post celebrating Ben Kweller’s prodigious songwriting talents:

I love Ben – been friends with him since he was 14.
I would also say Patrick Wolf if one of the greatest of his generation as well.

I know Josef has great taste in music, but I didn’t know he’s been friends with Ben since he was 14, and more importantly, I had never heard of Patrick Wolf until I read that comment.

RIght then and there I went to the Hypemachine and typed in Patrick Wolf. I was introduced to a song called The Magic Position that has become one of my favorite songs of the year. So I got the record of the same name and have been listening ever since.

The Magic Position is not a perfect record by any means. It has three or four tracks that I barely like. But for some reason I don’t skip them. I think it’s because the record flows so well. It has a mood which is delivered over the entire record and I enjoy the experience even though some of the songs don’t really grab me.

In addition to The Magic Position, there are several other standout tracks including Get Lost, Accident and Emergency, and The Stars. I think this guy has serious talent, kind of David Bowie-esque. I hope he continues to develop. He could be something really special.

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