Thoughts On Sydney, Four Days In

Sydney Australia is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited. It’s up there with Rio and Cape Town. Our home, New York City, also sits in the middle of a major body of water, but the way Sydney sits on the water is so different than the way New York does. It’s like Sydney’s harbor is the equivalent of our central park.

We are staying downtown in the central business district, but we’ve ended up spending most of our time in the eastern neighborhoods; Darlinghurst, Paddington, Potts Point, Woolhara, and today we visited Bondi Beach. We also enjoyed the southern neighborhoods of Waterloo and Surry Hills. These neighborhoods remind us a bit of the various neighborhoods of San Francisco. Like SF, Sydney seems like a very liveable city.

My favorite moment so far was our ferry ride and day at Manly Beach. That’s probably because the weather was great that day and has been kind of crappy every other day. We came all this way in search of sun and warmth and haven’t had a lot of that so far.

The jetlag was also a bitch for me for the first couple days. The 16 hour time difference is not something I was able to just blow through as much as I was hoping to. I took me a couple days to feel normal and even now, I’m not 100 percent.

We are in Sydney for one more day and then headed to Melbourne on the 27th. I’ve been doing more "microblogging" of this trip on tumblr and twitter than anything else so far. I expect that will continue to be the case.

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  1. Geoff

    I remember my trip to Sydney – It poured with rain constantly and new for me, from the UK, was that the rain was really ‘wet’ that is you never dry out due to the humidity. Here in the UK you get wet and in the morning your clothes are dry. We returned from Sydney with a suitcase of damp clothes ughhhHappy Christmas 🙂

  2. Peter Bell

    Glad you enjoyed Manly. I run a software company in NYC but was in-between visas so decided to move down here for three months to check it out (on the advice of a surfing instructor on Long Beach Island, New Jersey)! I’ve been told the weather this year is unusual – I believe November was the wettest on record.Sydney has a great quality of life, but unfortunately it’s just so far away from all of the places I have to travel. I’ve also got to say you get spoiled for food after NYC, and it’s nice that everything from Europe to the West coast is only a 5-7 hr flight.Hope you have a great time in Sydney and that the weather gets better before you leave!

  3. Uday Subbarayan

    “then headed to Melbourne on the 27th”.The boxing day test cricket match is going on in Melbourne from 26-30th, between Australia and India. 70000 of them are expected to see this match! Hope still some more people are on the street…

    1. fredwilson

      We’ll be there tooOur first time at a cricket matchFred

      1. VM

        just remember that you will be witnessing a much slower version of the game

  4. bwohlgemuth

    Head over to Darling Harbour…nice place to walk around and shop and just see people. Wifey and I were there in march and we lucked out on the weather.