HD Radio In Your Car, Your Music Player, and Your Phone

I haven’t talked much about HD Radio lately on this blog. Longtime readers know that I’ve been an investor in iBiquity, the developer of HD Radio technology for almost 10 years. It’s been a long time coming and a lesson in how hard it is to move an old medium into the digital age. But this year at CES, iBiquity showcased three things that I think are critical to consumer adoption of digital radio technology.

As the WSJ discusses in this article in today’s paper, iBiquity announced a big automotive deal with Ford, an iTunes relationship, and the coming availability of mobile and portable HD radio devices.

The reality is people don’t buy radios anymore. They buy cars, iPods, and mobile devices. When HD radio is in the car, or the iPod, or the phone, then consumers will be able to tap into the thousands of new free radio channels that have been launched using HD technology in the past couple years. And when they do that, they’ll see how great digital radio is.

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