Thoughts from the eliptical trainer

1) Wall street is in fear mode while silicon valley is still is greed mode. Can the two coexist peacefully?

2a) I have to get tickets to the magnetic fields sold out show at town hall on feb 24th. If you’ve got xtras, send me an email please

2b) The new magnetic fields record, distortion, is awesome

3) The ipod touch is a shitty product. Gotta get back to a real ipod not a toy

4) I am not sure the other social nets efforts to be a platform ala facebook will work. I tried bebo’s new platform and was underwhelmed with the integration of third party apps. I can’t even imagine what myspace platform would be like

5) If you have a web app that gets millions of uniques a month with 80pcnt plus from google and an avg time spent on site of less than 1 minute, do you have an audience? I think not. It might be a business though.

6) I hope mysql’s sale for 1bn puts an end to the question over whether open source is a good business model

7) Why am I not twittering these?

8) That workout was too short

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