Vampire Weekend

51uayhd53l_aa280_What would happen if the 1977 vintage Talking Heads covered Paul Simon’s Graceland? You’d get the sound of a new band called Vampire Weekend. Yesterday they released their debut record, called Vampire Weekend.

I first heard of Vampire Weekend from my daughter Jessica who connected to the band on Facebook and myspace. The band came out of Columbia University and she befriended them on the social nets and became a big fan. Then I did something (can’t remember what) and somebody (i can’t remember who, please identify yourself in the comments) gave me the mp3s of the record.

I took them home and put them on the music server and quickly everyone had them on their iPods and we were all digging Vampire Weekend. It’s been playing non-stop in the house lately.

Last night Jessica and I went to see their record launch show at Bowery Ballroom. They gave a strong performance, particularly the ending number Walcott, which the crowd knew was coming and was calling for. There were people there last night who had been at their first live gig, not so long ago.

The record is great. I urge anyone who likes indie rock and enjoyed Graceland to get it. You will not be let down.

Here’s another song to leave you with:

Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

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