In Times Like These Read The Blogs

I wrote a short post yesterday wondering what was in store for the financial markets in the wake of the Fed and JP Morgan bailing out Bear Stearns. This is what’s been on my mind the past week for the most part. Sure, we’ve been thinking a lot about what’s now possible with all the new platforms that are emerging (iPhone SDK, YouTube, myspace, etc), and there are plenty of interesting things going on in techland and in our portfolio. But we’ve got a full blown financial panic playing out on Wall Street and doing venture capital from NYC somehow makes us more cognizant of what’s going on. We’ve got friends working at places like Bear, we’ve got friends working at hedge funds that are trying to stay afloat. It’s brutal on wall street right now.

I read the twin articles on the mess on the front page of the NY Times today, but honestly, I am finding way better stuff in the blogs.

Here’s Roger Ehrenberg on why Bear is toast and who’s likely to end up picking up the pieces. That’s good stuff. I am going to surf around the financial blogs this weekend and I’ll post again with other interesting views that turn up. Please feel free to leave links on the comments.