Startup Advice Weekend

Lot’s of advice in the blogs this weekend for budding entrepreneurs:

Jason Calacanis says you have to save money

I agree and emphasize several key areas for saving

Mike Arrington also agrees and says hiring the right people is the most important thing

Scoble agrees as well

Dave Winer disagrees with all of us and says that building a hot product is all that matters

Tony Wright takes the prize because he acknowledges that there is no one way to succeed with a startup

I’ve watched literally hundreds of tech startups over the years and Tony is right. Each and every one of them did it slightly differently.

So does that mean that all this advice is useless? No way. It’s helpful for sure, but you have to soak it all in and then make your way with what feels right for you.

I particularly like Tony’s closing advice. He echoes Dave with "build something people want" but then channels Jason with "persist, keep going". He says "The idea of an overnight success is largely ridiculous". And to persist, you are going to need to husband your cash.

So all the posts and particularly all the discussions that they generated are great for everyone. Build something great, be frugal where you can, and persist and don’t give up. But most of all, do it your way.

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