2008 vs 2004

In November of 2004, we launched our first venture capital fund, called Union Square Ventures 2004. At the time we were convinced that a new era of lightweight open web services was upon us and that a small focused venture fund could make money investing in them. Over the past four years, we believe we’ve proved that investment thesis was correct. We have exits with Delicious, FeedBurner, and TACODA, and we have a portfolio that we are very proud of.

But like all good things, funds come to an end. We are in the process of making three investments that, when closed, will mark the end of adding new names to Union Square Ventures 2004. The remaining capital in that fund will be earmarked to supporting the companies we’ve backed to date for as long as they need to be supported and should be supported.

So we are announcing today that we’ve raised a second fund, called Union Square Ventures 2008. It’s not called the Facebook fund or the iPhone fund, but those are certainly two places we’ll be looking to invest in. We put years at the end of our fund names because we like to keep it simple. Every four years we intend to raise another fund, to keep doing what we are doing.

And what is it that we are doing? Well, my partner Brad pretty much says it all in his post announcing our new fund on the Union Square Ventures weblog. Go check it out and let us know what you think.