I saw that Seesmic acquired Twhirl. Well done Loic and Marco. I love Twhirl. It’ by far the best twitter client right now. Seesmic support in Twhirl might be just the thing I need to start participating in Seesmic which I like but just can’t seem to get ingrained in my daily life. Great stuff.

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  1. Fred Barnes

    Seesmic is DOA. “can’t seem to get ingrained in my daily life” from a person who seemingly uses every web service? Sorry, doesn’t ring true. Seesmic is well crafted but ultimately not a good or useful product, and this “acquisition” will not change that.

    1. fredwilson

      Loic is a gifted entrepreneur. He will weave and bob. This acquisition is proof of thatFred

  2. awilensky

    So, now when unsophisticated people from the enterprise sector ask me, “what’s to be gained by a small time developer giving away a tool or service for free?” I can point here. And point to many other new SAAS and web20 services that are slowly building towards a portfolio of applications that can replace licensed business software solutions.

  3. daryn

    The widespread embrace of video conversations is still questionable in my head, but integration into Twhirl is a great way to get it in front of people. I’m far much more likely to do the occasional video post now than I would if it were a standalone app or i had to use is awesome, and really what has me using twitter again.

  4. Loic Le Meur

    thank you Fred! We’re super excited here. See you soon ping me please when you are next in the valley. Bon week-end!

    1. John Wesley

      This is interesting and I await to see how Loic will integrate. Twhirl is by far the best Twitter client in my experience. I think Seesmic has potential, but right now the site is French dominated. Not a bad thing, but it’s hard to get into the site when you can’t understand most of the videos.