Lyric of The Day - Some Stats

It looks like the Lyric of The Day club on twitter has been fun for more than just me, although I may be enjoying it more than anyone.

It was launched on Wednesday and we almost have 200 members (I consider anyone who follows lotd to be a member). We’ve had 298 updates to lotd in the past three days so about 100 per day.

Here’s a chart of the activity so far.

That chart was built by a reader of this blog on a cool new service called Trendrr where you can "track, compare and share data freely and identify trends across social graphs and networks, realize
the potential of p2p, track engagement metrics, and look at what is really happening, in real time."

Now you know I have a soft spot for services that start with a t and end with an r (twitter and tumblr) so I suspect you’ll see a lot more trendrr charts on this blog in the coming months.

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