Lyric of The Day - Some Stats

It looks like the Lyric of The Day club on twitter has been fun for more than just me, although I may be enjoying it more than anyone.

It was launched on Wednesday and we almost have 200 members (I consider anyone who follows lotd to be a member). We’ve had 298 updates to lotd in the past three days so about 100 per day.

Here’s a chart of the activity so far.

That chart was built by a reader of this blog on a cool new service called Trendrr where you can "track, compare and share data freely and identify trends across social graphs and networks, realize
the potential of p2p, track engagement metrics, and look at what is really happening, in real time."

Now you know I have a soft spot for services that start with a t and end with an r (twitter and tumblr) so I suspect you’ll see a lot more trendrr charts on this blog in the coming months.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. whitneymcn

    I’ve got to second the coolness of the chart and Trendrr itself!On the absurdly specific end of things, the first post entered the database at 11:45:34 EST on 2008-04-02, which was the first of 291 lyrics posted by 136 different users (which suggests that I’ve apparently posted seven “oops, sorry about that, bug fixed” messages in that period).Pretty cool!

  2. mediaeater

    That is cool indeed. Love that each day new tools come online that help gain aggregate wisdom.Now if I could just pick lyrics that fit in a post to lotd as every one I pick seems to long – I think I may have to make certain ones parts 1 and 2.So what is amazing is that lotd is a new service from twitter. it has a life of its own, within twitter yet was user generated. – thats the key UGS – User Generated Services and applications can be created on both websites mentioned here. When i saw that lotd was being formed and born I knew right away it was something that was unique and would have a signal of its own.

    1. fredwilson

      ‘A signal of its own’What a wonderful turn of a phraseI’ll be using that line for sureThanksFred

  3. vruz

    alright, service name change suggestion then:tapemuxr for muxtape.comjust so they’re wilson-compliant too ! 🙂

  4. isfan

    The discovery aspect is really cool and incredibly simple. I have already listened to a bunch of songs and bands I had never heard of before. If we can squeeze this in between other stuff we’re doing, we are going to try to make that a bit easier for everyone … hang tight.It also feels like a bit of a community even though we don’t know each other. What if someone adapted an affinity algorithm based on the type of music each of us likes and matched people up based on that? A social graph of sorts would evolve. Don’t have time for that one myself but it would be pretty cool. Lot’s more in the brain but it is 3:18am. How exciting.

  5. Sethop

    Hi Fred, I’m the CEO of Tromebonr – *the* social network for dyslexic musicians. We heard that you might be interested in funding us – should I send my guys to talk to your guys? When do we get our first cheque?