Apple TV vs Roku Netflix

Yesterday, I did a twitter strawpoll to find out what people prefer, Apple TV or Roku’s Netflix device.

I received about 15-20 responses but they weren’t all captured by the strawpoll app. Even so, there was a clear preference for the Apple TV device.


I was leaning toward the Roku Netflix because I am a fan of streaming audio and video over file based solutions like the Apple TV platform. It seems to me that being able to plug into the huge library of movies and TV shows that Netflix has available for streaming is a lot better than buying movies and TV shows on iTunes and watching them on the Apple TV.

And, I’ve also heard many complaints about the Apple TV device. Including this one from my partner Albert on his blog yesterday.

The default mode of operation for the AppleTV should be to discover
this share and easily let me select a folder and view both the images
and short clips from that folder. That’s what my Sonos does for music
and it simply works — no extra effort required on my part.  Instead,
with the AppleTV I have to first route images through iPhoto, enable
iPhoto for my AppleTV in iTunes, select which albums to share and in
the default synch mode wait for the selected albums to transfer to the

I have argued on this blog a number of times that Apple does not seem to understand the power of streaming audio and video. They seem to be stuck in a PC centric view of the world where you need to have the files on your machine. That’s not the case anymore. Most TV shows are available on the web already. And with services like Netflix, movies aren’t far behind.

So I am scratching my head a bit over the landslide for Apple TV, but maybe I am missing something. Thoughts/comments?

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