100 Comments or Bust

I’ve written about "social media optimization" in the past. This is the crude social media dashboard I have on the bottom of every blog post.


I wish the technorati link and the outside.in link would show how many links there are to the post and the geotags that have been applied. I wish there was a way to show how many times the post was reblogged in tumblr and commented on in friendfeed. But even as it is, it tells me a lot.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that the number of comments is the most important data point and it’s also the one that google and other web services seem to ignore the most.

About once a week, I’ll do a post that generates over 100 comments. And it’s almost always the best post of the week. I should create a page/feed called "The Best of AVC" that is limited to the posts that generate 100 comments or more. Maybe I’ll do that when I get my new domain and new design.

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