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I don’t blog frequently about local news and events, but I do occasionally. When I do, captures the post and geo-tags it and puts it into their radar service. Radar is a facebook style news feed for neighborhood and local information.

Any blogger who wants their content captured, geo-tagged, and presented in Radar, can go here and add your feed to  It works even if you are an occasional placeblogger like I am. launched a nice new service for placebloggers (full-time or occasional) last week called Blog Maps. I’ve just put one on this blog in the right sidebar right below my flickr photos. It looks like the image on the right top of this post. Or you can scroll down and see it live. If you hover over any of the icons, you’ll see the location I blogged about and if you click, you’ll see the post(s) I wrote about that location.

If you want to see a blog map for a real placeblogger, click on over to Gotham Gal and see her blog map which is on the top right of her blog. And you can click on the bottom of any blog map to get one for yourself.

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