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I don’t blog frequently about local news and events, but I do occasionally. When I do, captures the post and geo-tags it and puts it into their radar service. Radar is a facebook style news feed for neighborhood and local information.

Any blogger who wants their content captured, geo-tagged, and presented in Radar, can go here and add your feed to  It works even if you are an occasional placeblogger like I am. launched a nice new service for placebloggers (full-time or occasional) last week called Blog Maps. I’ve just put one on this blog in the right sidebar right below my flickr photos. It looks like the image on the right top of this post. Or you can scroll down and see it live. If you hover over any of the icons, you’ll see the location I blogged about and if you click, you’ll see the post(s) I wrote about that location.

If you want to see a blog map for a real placeblogger, click on over to Gotham Gal and see her blog map which is on the top right of her blog. And you can click on the bottom of any blog map to get one for yourself.

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  1. AndyFinkle

    Fred, I do not see any value in YET – But they will be in the Sweet – spot soon (hope, and assume you are an investor with them). You should read my recent blog post about this (not just Geo-Tagging, but Barcodes,Bluetooth,UGC and more. When it all converges, this will be a HUGE space and it will be driven by the convergence of multiple factors. The ultimate winner will not just geo-tag, they will EVERYTHING – Tag;…

    1. fredwilson is a work in progress but for some, and i am one of them, it does provide real value today.and it’s just going to get better and better as more local content comes online and gets geo-tagged and distributed to the right person at the right timefred

  2. washwords

    how very cool. I will check it out. I have you on my DC blogs list. Did you ever live/blog here? Good luck out there. Rough times in your market, no?

  3. Ben Saren

    will it work on my hosted blog?

    1. markjosephson

      Hi Ben. This does not yet work on a hosted wordpress blog. But it will soon…

  4. RacerRick

    Funny thing… I don’t want people knowing where I am. I’m fine with people knowing I’m somewhere in the Milwaukee area, but any more specific? No thanks.I even worry about Twittering when I’m out of town. Even though we’ve got a big, mean dog waiting for any visitor.Fred, you’re very free and open and that’s great. But yikes this kind of stuff scares me.

    1. markjosephson

      Hi Rick…No need to be scared. doesn’t say where you are, rather where the things you write about are.We are currently focused on blogs and sites that cover local content and places. These can be hyperlocal placebloggers, restaurant and food blogs, travel blogs, event sites and more.We find that StoryMaps are a great geographical navigation tool for these types of geography-focused publishers.

    2. fredwilson

      this has nothing to do with where i am. it has to do with stories about things that happen in my neighborhood.

  5. BmoreWire

    I think has some value and it will come into play shortly (if my plan comes together 😉 Local content needs to be not only of value to the consumer but of value to local businesses. Web 2.0 has yet to address local business owners and local service based businesses. Once a site provides a yelp-like directory to consumers and merchant, accounting, communication, scheduling, booking, and order taking tools for small businesses to replace the cash register, all of that data can get fed to and it can serve as a distribution network for this site. There’s a huge gap there in robust small business tools for service based businesses….plenty eating around the edges, but I am banking on the opportunity being going for the center of that pie and when that comes together will provide serious value.

  6. markjosephson

    Hey Bmore.You do need to have an XML or standard feed of your content to get into or get a StoryMap.To get a StoryMap you need to sign up for our GeoToolkit ( and submit the feeds there.In addition to the StoryMaps, you’ll get access to a GeoTag feed editor that lets you edit the geodata we detect in your feed as well as geoanalytics on your feed.By submitting your feed via GeoToolkit your posts/events/games will begin to appear in our pages — which includes and our growing list of media partners.If this doesn’t get to your question, shoot me a note at mark<at> and we’ll dig in.Thanks…