Help A Needy Classroom Get An LCD Projector

We use the LCD projector in our conference room every day. I don’t honestly know how we’d function without it. A young friend of mine who graduated from college last year told me that he uses an LCD connected to his laptop in lieu of an expensive flat panel display in his apartment and his friends always marvel at the quality of the video coming in over his laptop and getting displayed on his wall.

LCD projectors are also an amazing teaching tool. Yes, a smartboard is more powerful but it’s also a more expensive solution and teachers can do a lot with a laptop and an LCD projector.

So today, I gave $200 towards getting an LCD projector for a needy classroom in Los Angeles, CA. If you click on that link and decide to give to this project alongside with me (I hope you do), please give via this link. It’s the second project on the AVC giving page. The total cost of this project is $1,289. One other person and I have given $275 so there’s $1,014 left to get this teacher the projector.

And if you are so inclined, please do it before friday evening when the Donor’s Choose Bloggers Challenge ends. This community is in first place in the tech category, but not by much and we need every contribution we can get to come out on top again.

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