Community Powered Playlists

There are a lot of playlist services on the web these days. Muxtape got shut down, but imeem,, and 8tracks are all alive and kicking. And I am sure there a bunch of others too. All of these services let one person create a playlist. But yesterday, I wanted to do something a bit different.

It all started when I was coming back from getting bagels in the morning and listening to Animal Collective's For Reverend Green

I thought to myself that Animal Collective's lead singer Avey Tare is pretty good at the primal scream and then I started to think about other great primal screamers, like Caleb Followill of Kings Of Leon, and of course, John Lennon. So I twittered the thought:

i love lead singers who've mastered the primal scream like caleb followhill, avey tare and john lennon. any others?

And I literally got dozens of replies which you can see in this set of search results going back to yesterday morning.

So I decided to make a "primal scream" playlist on 8tracks which I did yesterday afternoon and this morning. I wish I could embed it, but I can't. If you click on this link, you'll be taken to 8tracks where you can listen to it.

During the process of building the primal scream playlist, I suggested to all the people sending me suggestions on twitter that they go to and upload additional tracks for the playlist to the soundcloud dropbox that I have on A bunch of people did that and I've included two tracks so far that I got that way.

So basically we collaborated on this playlist and are still doing so because I am still getting suggestions of tracks to add. The best ones are going to get added to the playlist.

But this collaboration required a lot of "overhead" and three different web services, twitter, 8tracks, and soundcloud.

It would be great if we could use one or more of these playlisting services in "group" mode and easily collaborate on playlists. Sharing music is one of the great uses of the internet but sharing can work two ways and I'd love to see someone enable that.

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