A Bunch Of New Stuff From Boxee

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Our portfolio company Boxee is announcing a bunch of new stuff tonight (Tues night) in San Francisco. I blogged about this event last week and I hope some of you were able to attend as I could not. Here's some of the highlights from today's announcement:

– A new homepage that actually describes what Boxee is and why you should care

– A public alpha of the Windows version. Now the three versions, Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu are in sync on features. The plan is to keep them that way going forward.

– A partnership with Major League Baseball to offer MLB Premium to Boxee users. Live sports on Boxee is a "you have to see it" experience.

– A new navigation layout that clearly differentiates from streaming apps (like MLB Premium) and local media.

– A partnership with Digg to create Digg for TV

– A Tumblr app for Boxee (two USV portfolio companies working together always warms my heart)

– 1080p HD videos on Ubuntu

– A whole bunch of new Boxee apps (some of which I blogged about last week) resulting from the Boxee App Dev Challenge. The winners will be announced tonight.

There's a live stream of the event tonight provided by Justin.tv. I'm going to try to watch it live since I can't be there.

This is just the beginning for Boxee and bringing video on the web to your living room television. I'll use a baseball analogy in honor of MLB's partnership with Boxee. I feel like this "web video to the living room" is a nine inning game and we are in the first or second inning right now. It's going to be exciting to watch and participate in.

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