Boxee App Dev Challenge Winners

As a follow up to my post last night about the big Boxee announcement, here are the winners of the App Dev Challenge that were announced last night:

Video Winners:
    Popular Choice – BBC Live (Ian Tweedie)
    Judge's Choice – Open Course Ware (Roshan Revankar)
Music Winners:
    Popular Choice – Drop Boxee [ on Boxee] (Jon Steinberg)
    Judge's Choice – We Are Hunted [this got my vote] (Nick Dima)
Photo Winners:
    Popular Choice – Facebook (Junda Liu)
    Judge's Choice – Facebook (Junda Liu)

It's great to see all the stuff (like MLB, Digg, Tumblr,, etc) that Boxee is bringing to the platform, but I am way more excited to see the app ecosystem take off. Apparently there are about 120 apps on Boxee now. My hope is that number will grow into the thousands by year end. At the end of the day, it's people like Ian, Roshan, John, Nick, and Junda (ie us) that will make Boxee the best media browser.

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