Disqus Is Growing and Hiring

Our portfolio company Disqus, which provides the comment system on this blog, has been growing like a weed for the past year and a half and has now reached the point that it needs to hire some additional tech resources. It is amazing what the small team of the two founders, Daniel and Jason, and a couple of additional developers has been able to do. But everything needs to scale at some point, including the team.

Disqus is looking for three technical hires in the bay area:

– A front end developer who can work in javascript
– A senior back end developer who can work in Python/Django
– A systems/server engineer to keep it all running smoothly

The detailed job descriptions are here. If you are interested or know someone good they should go after please email me or [email protected]

Daniel and I appreciate everyone's help with this. Disqus is a great company which is starting to break out and it is a great place to work with nice upside.

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