Fun Friday: Morning Joe

It feels like its been a while since we did a fun friday around here. So here goes.

How do you like your morning cup of coffee?

I go with the Cortado, ideally in a shot glass. Here's one from Kava, the coffee shop near my home in the far west village.


So how do you take your morning cup? Photos please.

#Food and Drink

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  1. pointsnfigures

    2 shots of espresso straight up from my espresso machine. Once had a more expensive Giaggia machine, but it kept breaking down. Didn’t last. This one fills the bill.

    1. fredwilson

      who makes this one?

      1. pointsnfigures

        Saeco. It’s around $450 bucks I think. I am not enough of a geek that I roast my own beans but it’s tempting!

  2. kidmercury

    how about them spurs!!!! put the little punk ass splash brothers in their place. kids best learn to respect their elders.

    1. fredwilson

      as Barkley has been saying all year, the Grizzlies are going to be tough to beat. my money is on a Miami Memphis finals.but how about Chris Copeland last night?

      1. kidmercury

        as a philadelphia fan i am a big fan of barkley as both a player and a commentator. the TNT guys crack me up. i am concerned about memphis, no doubt they are legit. western conference finals will be interesting for sure.pacers vs knicks is a little depressing. i was rooting for the knicks because i still think they have more than enough talent to be a serious contender, it is frustrating to see them waste it away by being stupid. the whole pacers/knicks series is just a painful reminder of how good the heat are out of the east.

        1. fredwilson

          Or maybe it could be old school body banging defense

          1. Jason C

            It was an ugly game and a reminder of how the Pacers bench is inferior to the Knicks bench. It was also a reminder that this series is in no way as good as the rivalry from the 90’s/early 2000’s. Agree with the sentiments about Barkley (search the video clip of how he used to keep vaseline in his belly button during his playing days because it’s hilarious).As for coffee, Ceremony coffee beans ground then put into a French press. Always black.

          2. btrautsc

            The Knicks bench is incredible when you think just how deep they are. Stat not playing or having any rhythm has really hurt the depth, but they are a deeep team with shooters (minus Kidd, Kenyon, & Tyson) everywhere…

          3. btrautsc

            Fred, at times I love watching your Knicks, but for Memphis, an Indy v Heat ECF would be a great set up for the Grizz.Force Miami to bang for 6-7 games. Take away the alley-oops. Make Lebron guard a big man.As a stats geek, how the “final four” is shaking out is incredibly interesting:Defensive Rating = #1 NYK, #2 MIA, #3 SAS, #4 IND, #5MEM.Offensive Rating = #1 MIA, #2 SAS, #5 MEM, #11 IND, #12 NYKSalary Ranks (league wide) = #4 MIA, #6 NYK, #12 SAS, #22 IND, #25 MEM

          4. kidmercury

            agreed…..the way the knicks are playing it will like warmup practice for the heat……pacers will take a bigger bite out of them. wade is old and hurt so if they can wear him down that is a great setup for grizz (or spurs)

          5. pointsnfigures

            Belly up d

        2. btrautsc

          how long until TNT sees the writing on the wall and removes all semblance of order (including poor Ernie) from the Chuck, Kenny, & Shaq halftime/ post game show.Just let those guys wear lounge gear in a living room setting with recliners, get loose and conversational, talk about whatever craziness pops in Chucks head, and have cocktails and cigars.

          1. kidmercury

            lol it practically is like that already…..i like ernie though i think he’s a good fit! πŸ™‚

          2. btrautsc

            He is great. The best moments are Chuck will saying something NSFW and Ernie trying to segue out of it. Or just sitting there dumfounded, while Shaq giggles.

      2. btrautsc

        Speak of the Grizzlies, and AVC #ResidentGrizzFan shall apear.I’m too afraid to jinx the Finals by stating how excited I will be if there is a Grizz-Heat showdown…but suffice to say, it borders on giddiness (and I’m not the giddy type).I went to game 6 of the Grizz-Clippers game in Memphis – 1st game I’ve been to in 5+ years since moving away. It was a religious experience. If people know any of the myriad issues in Memphis, being at that one game seemed to erase them from 20,000 plus citizens from every walk of life for a night. It was truly unforgettable.Something special is happening there.#BelieveMemphis

    2. Tom Labus

      good series Mem v Spurs.Rooting for one more for Spurs but a Mem v Heat would be good too.

    3. JLM

      .Spurs brought out the wide strop and put a lick on those upstarts, no?JLM.

      1. kidmercury

        overall the splash brothers and the warriors should be grateful though. they got an upfront and personal lesson from world champions in how shut down a team. hopefully the youngsters were paying attention.

        1. pointsnfigures

          I like Curry. He’s a good guy. My daughter took a class with him at Davidson when they were on strike. He showed up, did his homework. Doesn’t seem to have an ego.

          1. kidmercury

            lol yeah i agree they seem like good kids. i just like the idea of rooting for old geezers with a more boring style of play. that team is so young, i think they will do some great things over the next few years while they are accruing valuable experience while still being young enough to be quick.

          2. rodney j

            yo all hear me out.. spurs on 4-2,,spurs vs heat… lebron goes fishing for coffee in brazil

          3. kidmercury

            i hear ya! go spurs!

    4. Dale Patterson

      Spurs always adjust. I’m from Memphis, but OKC losing Westbrook was crucial. One funny thing about Charles, let him tell it every team needs a Big Man. Lol.

  3. Richard

    Double organic Green Tea, preferably brewed in a pot (which is available at a few third-wave shops).

    1. fredwilson

      what does double organic mean?

      1. JimHirshfield

        2nd generation organic?

      2. LIAD

        It means it costs $6 a cup

      3. Richard

        That’s my own lingo. Just means ordering two cups at the same time.

        1. fredwilson

          Aha. Got it

        2. LE

          Just read this after I wrote what I wrote above. I like that. It would go well on a product box for sure. Maybe the “double” could simply be some kind of verification process for the “organic”. (There is kosher and there is “glatt” kosher for example. )The technical definition of glatt kosher is meat from animals with smooth or defect-free lungs, but today the term glatt kosher is often used informally to imply that a product was processed under a stricter standard of kashrut I know my parents have spoken about weddings that are glatt kosher in a positive way.

      4. LE

        Forgetting what it means you can totally make up and put a word in front of another positive word to enhance the meaning.For example “premium hard disk space” (makes it sound enhanced over just “hard disk space”) or “triple filtered water” (note that most water for consumer products is probably filtered multiple times but using “triple” sounds really cool.) Triple is a good word. Quadruple is more but it doesn’t roll off your tongue (important).Just checked and can’t find any definition of “double organic” is registered so it must appear somewhere. .net .org aren’t so it’s certainly not widespread.When they talk about you the put the word “influential” before and after your name.

    2. awaldstein

      Does organic is tea mean as little as it means in wine?Is there a secondary curing process where however the tea is grown becomes invalidated by the stuff used to cure?

    3. ShanaC

      which tea brand? (i also really love tea)Also I’m looking for a new teapot …mine has a drippy spout πŸ™

      1. Ruth BT

        Ahh, we have a theory. Japanese teapots usually don’t drip. These are my current favorite. http://www.beehouseteapot.c

        1. ShanaC

          hmm, those would be perfect

  4. jason wright

    not a coffee drinker, but how do they do that?

  5. LIAD

    I like my coffee like I like this blog…Sharp, full of flavour & slightly nutty.

    1. fredwilson


    2. ShanaC

      now I need to find that coffee brand

  6. John Best

    I’ve been gifted a hand-me down home espresso machine, so I usually start with a flat white from that (6 hours and several miles ago now, so no pic!). I was also lucky enough to pick up a nice Denby set at a charity shop, so that adds to the experience too πŸ™‚

  7. Guest

  8. Ji Eun (Jamie) Lee

    Stumptown coffee freshly ground and brewed every morning by the wonderful man in my life. I drink it with almond milk in vintage china I picked up in Brooklyn last year. Half way through my second cup.

    1. fredwilson

      The glass or cup you drink it in is so importantWell played

      1. LE

        Interesting study re the ritualistic aspects of these things. In trying to get people to stop smoking all those warning messages actually became positive triggers. When people saw them it didn’t stop smoking it actually enhanced the experience (my summary). Makes sense to me totally. Similar to my theory on why people sometimes forgive and become friends a the person who murders a relative. It’s the last link to the person. The design on the cup is nice reminds me of my mom’s china which reminds me of my grandmother who died when I was really young (that’s what went through my mind when seeing that picture.)

  9. Anne Libby

    Drag and drop with the photo, cool feature! (Though I might wind up with zero, or two photos here? Let’s see what happens.)Mine’s a venti Americano. These days, with cashew cream. (Former vegan.) The most important thing is the ritual, going out to my Starbucks at an unheavenly hour before I check mail, etc…

    1. Anne Libby

      Zero. Here it is, oldschool. (And sideways?)

      1. JimHirshfield

        It should be pouring out at that angle.+1 on vegan

        1. Anne Libby

          Not sure why the photo is sideways? And yes, I wish I could do all vegan…have a great day, Jim.

          1. JimHirshfield


      2. Richard

        I give sb credit for building a pretty good app, good ux/ui and performance.

        1. Anne Libby

          I also like knowing that the person who got up at 3:30 am to make my coffee has benefits…

          1. laurie kalmanson

            starbux is a healthcare purchasing cooperative that sells coffee on the sideonly partly kidding

      3. Richard

        Sb’s app

        1. JLM

          .Wow, it worked here in Austin this morning. Thx for the free cuppa.Just joshing ya.JLM.

          1. LE

            Excellent point and now people know why computer security isn’t trivial. (Rich should probably transfer money out of that card to a new one and cancel it at this point…)

      4. ShanaC

        yeah, mine is sideways too!

  10. Barry Nolan

    Brother Hubbard’s in Dublin. They’ve personalised mine the ‘Barry White’. It’s a Flat white, skinny, cause I ain’t. The obsess about coffee art, and a fresh tip jar competition each day.

    1. fredwilson

      Do they play Barry White on the stereo while you drink it?

      1. Barry Nolan

        This being holy catholic Ireland, playing Barry White is banned sunrise to sundown. “Down with that sort of thing”

        1. fredwilson


    2. William Mougayar

      Wow. I want one of these.

    3. takingpitches

      a buck in the gangnam style jar!

      1. Barry Nolan

        Have to confess, Macarena is killing it today. What can i say.

    4. Russell

      Love the A/B testing on the tip jar!

      1. Matt A. Myers

        Game play

      2. Barry Nolan

        Tips are actually up 4X. Engagement, conversion. Yada, yada.

        1. Russell


      3. LE

        I was at coldstone creamery with my wife and the kids. (I call it coldstone cloggery). Anyway they do some type of random song every time you give them a tip. I wanted to take a video of them so I asked them (this was on mothers day) if they could ad lib something for mother’s day. They said no and launched into the next pre-programmed tune (which was hound dog I think). To me it was a total fail. They were just drones carrying out the corporate plan and phoning it in whereas before that it seemed very cool (like the handmade signs in the picture).

        1. Russell

          If you ever go to Minnesota make sure you stop by at Izzy’s Ice Cream. Voted one of the top 10 in America … life is to short to eat bad ice cream!!

    5. Pete Griffiths


  11. kirklove

    Preferably with a side of Croque Madam.

    1. fredwilson

      And a friendly person serving it

  12. JimHirshfield

    Double espresso in my REI Doppio Tumblr… Er, tumbler.

    1. rmchrQB

      sweet REI tumbler! (p.s. sale this weekend)

  13. jmorf

    Same thing for me. It goes by many different names. Here in the UK they call it a Picolo, where I’m from on the West Coast they call it a Gibraltar. Good to know the NYC/East Coast name πŸ™‚

  14. Dan Epstein

    Switched to an aeropress about a year ago. Really enjoy it. Adam Lisagor (Sandwich Video) has a great video:

  15. RichardF

    We have a Delonghi bean to cup machine in the office, that produces a reasonable cup of coffee on demand. I just love coffee full stop, can’t beat a cappuccino first thing for me though

    1. LE

      That’s a really nice looking piece of machinery.

      1. RichardF

        it is LE and best of all it works, I used to own a Gaggia but frankly this produces decent coffee with little fuss and mess. I’m sure real coffee aficionados would know the difference but for a small office or home environment it is a great piece of kit.

  16. Guest

    Home brewed Peet’s in a go cup on the train.

  17. awaldstein

    La Pavoni…Been in many kitchens all over the world for now 20 years.My first morning expresso every day!(Classic–never been updated. Just works forever.)

    1. fredwilson


      1. awaldstein

        Grind for the La Pavoni is what you tell them when I buy beans at Porto Rico Coffee Co.Vintage = standard = great taste = works for me.

        1. pointsnfigures

          Schweet cuppa. Best coffee I have ever had is in Italy.

      1. awaldstein

        He’s copying us!Love this machine. Not trivial to learn to use but such a great design and the coffee–just rocks.Where do you buy your beans or grinds?

        1. sickstadium

          Grind myself, that is half the fun. For beans I must confess that after lots of experiments with local roasters in Seattle I have gone back to Starbucks Verona. IT makes great crema.

          1. awaldstein

            I have a great spot here in the West Village for the beans.Need to think where I bought when I lived in Seattle a bunch of years ago when I first got the machine. Somewhere in U district or Wallingford most likely as that’s where I lived.

    2. Ruth BT

      I’m with you, my first coffee is a skinny flat white made lovingly by my La Pavoni. The day doesn’t start right without it.

  18. John D McCarthy

    Iced coffee in my utilitarian Contigo mug (fantastic design and functionality), made at home with my Gaggia machine and refilled continuously during the day from the Jura Capresso machine in the office….Mad coffee maker envy over the Jura machine in the USV office…..

    1. fredwilson

      Its our Univac repurposed to make coffee!

  19. Laurent Boncenne

    French press, nice and strong!

    1. ShanaC

      i miss my french press. And my chemex

      1. Donna Brewington White

        Reading this post, I am going to once again get a french press. So simple and good.

  20. Tom Labus

    I just switched to green tea a few days ago,I don’t know if I’ll make it or not!

  21. martinowen

    Ripe red fruit, syrupy body and sparkling acidity. Notes of dates and apricots – the acidity likened to passion fruit with some lasting cocoa. Yes, its this month’s coffee in my Square Mile Espresso of the month club.

  22. Nate Kidwell

    Home in the mornings, so I abuse the Keurig for two cups of black coffee before I do anything.For those who have it, this is the best price I’ve found on the pods (80 for 29$):…Great bold taste too.

  23. Ana Milicevic

    Kava is great – their garden is such an oasis, I spend many a weekend morning catching up on reading there. If only they brought back the hammock.I usually start the day with a cortado or an espresso, then drink tea during the day. On the weekends I tend to switch to lattes.This beauty in the photo is a cortado from Ninth St. Espresso.

    1. fredwilson

      I love that place too

  24. ShanaC

    Black, no sugar, ideally from a french press, in a cookie monster cup πŸ™‚ (because I love eating cookies) (and the cup says “me want cookies on the back)Occasionally I get coffee with milk, or sugar, or cortados though πŸ™‚

    1. panterosa,

      I thought you’d do the Edna espresso…..

      1. ShanaC

        i do like espresso, but it doesn’t really have that much caffeine for early morning for me πŸ™‚

  25. William Mougayar

    Coffee? It’s a love affair (shhh!).I used to have a special Milan-style Italian espresso blend (secret blend that only one other shop gets) UPS’ed every 2 weeks from a Vancouver torrefazione until my 12-year old Capresso Ultima semi-automatic machine broke down. (pic attached)But if I was living in Rome, my favorite coffee place is Saint-Eustachio who roasts their beans on wood fire. If you haven’t tried coffee from this place, oh my God… http://www.santeustachioilc…This morning, french press on the porch with the birds.And for my best 7 coffee places list in Toronto, check my Foursquare list

  26. Dan Goldin

    Simple Cafe au Lait. Can’t get quite as good as Jack’s Stir Brew but getting better with the AeroPress.

  27. Jack Barcroft

    As I am rural and don’t have a nice coffee shop for 30 miles, I have coffee with Willie Nelson every morning.

  28. Kariithi

    How about a cup of Kenyan ginger tea with a touch of milk to breathe new life to another sunny Pittsburgh morning πŸ™‚

    1. Joann Kasey

      For the picture though, can you please clean the sides and reload it .. Sorry but this meant to look coffee beautiful

  29. falicon

    Sorry I don’t drink coffee (amazingly, my wife doesn’t either making us even more of a statistical oddity).

  30. LIAD

    …a crate of Kopi Luwak (aka cat’s ass) coffee for most liked comment today…

    1. Ruth BT

      Didn’t rate it at all!

  31. mfeinstein

    Flat White, Barrington Coffee Company, Boston’s Seaport District

  32. AMT Editorial Staff

    Wow. Diehard drinkers here. We used to be all about Peet’s with a hint of cream & maybe a sweetener…then kids…then the fully automatic Capresso Jura. Now we are fully “foofed” out. We do syrup, 1/2 decaf, big foam via our Frother, Vietnamese cinnamon….it’s dessert in a cup. And we gulp 3 x 20oz of it daily.

  33. kenberger

    Fred, you’ve witnessed how hyper I am to begin with, so coffee needs to be kept away from me.Luckily, my wife is a nutritionista. She makes us healthy smoothies each morning, even when we travel together (Mexico pictured).

    1. awaldstein

      I do blended green smoothies every single morning (day time as well). Helps to have a company in the family that make these though (

    2. Donna Brewington White

      I need a wife like yours!

  34. Brian Kurth

    Coffee? Black. Starting the day by landing our first enterprise client at Pivot (SaaS mentoring programs)? Getting ‘er done. Asking Obama the question on the coffee mug? Ummmmmm….probably not.Happy Friday!

    1. LE

      Way before kid mercury there was my dad who said about Nixon something like “he just got caught they are all crooked”.

      1. kidmercury

        according to conventional kook logic, when someone gets punished, it is probably because they offended someone in the power structure. i.e. elliott spitzer goes after wall st, gets busted with a prostitute. the power structure secures dirt on all important people for this reason.

        1. LE

          “the power structure secures dirt on all important people”True.But I believe in the case of Spitzer it was a honey pot possibly. And even if it wasn’t it would have been fairly easy for an adversary to simply set him up by having an attractive female come on to him.Men with inflated egos would never think they were being setup.For that matter even men without inflated egos would fall for it.Spitzer’s need to have the relationship he had the way he did didn’t start by him looking at ads on the “back page” or anything. (He was given a gateway drug of another women’s affection that stoked the desire.) And it was an addiction that transcended common sense. Similar to Clinton. Separately imagine being that accomplished and well known and not thinking for a second that some friend of the person you are screwing would find out and tell their friend etc? What does that tell you? It tells me that you can’t stop yourself similar to how Obama had such a hard time stopping smoking – it’s not will power based.…My vote is for Ken Langone (who was interviewed for the documentary and couldn’t control his glee it was palpable).

  35. ahoova

    Mine is a latte (hold the foam) from a cafe called Etnachta in Tel Aviv. It is in their take away cup and my cawfee sleeve

    1. ShanaC

      heheheh, I love that sleeve

    2. Donna Brewington White

      Love the sleeve!

  36. Brandon G. Donnelly

    Kicking Horse coffee. French press. Simple.

    1. JamesHRH

      Kicking Horse 454 is top of the line for drip.It is a crazy success story – roasted & ground in a town of < 2000 people in Eastern British Columbia – Golden BC. Sold all over the world.Great product & great brand idea (Golden is at the west end of the Kicking Horse pass),

      1. Donna Brewington White


        1. JamesHRH

          When we lived in Den Haag for a month in the fall of 2011, we discovered a bookstore ( ) with a Kicking Horse Cafe- owner had been to & loved the coffee / brand so much he themed the cafe after the coffee.

    2. Donna Brewington White

      I’ve never heard of this brand… after reading this comment and @JamesHRH:disqus ‘s description below, just ordered from Amazon.

      1. Brandon G. Donnelly

        That’s awesome! Let us know how you like it.

  37. Manuel Molina

    Nostalgia friday. Great weekend to all.

  38. reece

    too energetic as is to drink coffee often, but when i do, it’s a double espresso, iced, in a recycled glass peanut butter jar

  39. Rich LeFurgy

    I make my coffee bulletproof– makes the flavor more intense and has health benefits toohttp://www.bulletproofexec….

  40. Eliot

    26g of Tanzanian Peaberry goodness in a 750ml Luminarc working glass

  41. Allen Lau

    This is what I have each morning. One large cup of coffee with one spoonful of Japanese green tea powder. I am obsessed with this since I tried it a few years ago in Japan.

    1. takingpitches

      Cool — my favorite two daily hot beverages. need to try that πŸ™‚

  42. Conrad Ross Schulman

    i drink my coffee #iced! even if its 0 degrees, ull still see me with an ice cold ice coffee! Need it in the morning! great post and comments/pics

  43. Cam MacRae

    Macchiato to start the day. CaffΓ¨ Latte at ~2pm. No pics because it’s midnight!

  44. Michael Ferrari

    Double extra dry cappuccino with one sugar.

  45. panterosa,

    Had to give up coffee, so now have chai in almond milk. In a big pink bowl, fitting for a big pink cat.Since we are having kaffee klatsch this morning I share my favorite image of that – my BFF from Cologne goes home every year and they go to Auntie Sybilla’s house. Apparently her coffee is so turbo you could fart a hole in the chair!

    1. LaVonne Reimer

      I have this sense that your last turn of phrase has been out there a while but I had not heard it before. Priceless!

  46. laurie kalmanson

    red eye with milk if i’m out for early coffee meetings; pourover at home

  47. bsoist

    I drink tea most of the time, but when I do coffee it’s french press, black, in the only mug I use for coffee – featuring the mug of some guy who lives around the corner from me. πŸ™‚

  48. laurie kalmanson

    trivia: the restaurant ware jadeite mugs of yore held 7.5 ozshowing an ebay photo, not my collection as i am out

  49. andyidsinga

    cup?, I drink a whole goddam pot, wooooohoooo!

  50. LE

    Pictures of coffee cups are one of my random photo themes especially since Starbucks writes your name on the cup (tall mocha with whipped).Here is one from today (read while standing in line at starbucks) and another from who knows when.East coast weather is nice today.

  51. LE

    Getting coffee is ritualistic. The experience goes well beyond the caffeine boost and the sugar. I find the entire experience very enjoyable. At my daughters bat mitzvah speech I noted that even if she ended up in a van down by the river I would still visit her as long as there was a starbucks nearby.The design on the top of the coffee in your pictures is a great mental reinforcement for the ritual, a really nice touch. This is similar to how in hotel rooms they do things like that (chocolate on the bed or making things out of the towels). Our cleaning ladies do something with ribbons on the kleenex boxes and toilet paper (using the paper) after they are done cleaning. It’s trivial for them to do but a really nice touch and flair that evokes positive emotion on behalf of the customer or client.

  52. Joe Yevoli

    I make a cup of french press coffee every morning! A friend bought me the “Blue Bottle Coffee” book, which goes through everything you could ever want to know about coffee. I found the best ratio of water to coffee grinds is 15 to 1, which I of course measure on a scale.For my usual morning cup I do .7 oz of coffee, and 12 oz of water boiled to 195 degrees. I let it steep for 3 minutes and it’s done!I’m into it πŸ™‚

  53. pointsnfigures

    On another note. How come donut shops don’t have good coffee? And coffee shops don’t have good donuts? I am not a fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

    1. Anne Libby

      There’s a diner-y restaurant in my neighborhood, known for breakfasts and also pie/cookies/cake, that has the worst coffee on earth. My assumption is that they want your table for the next guest; nobody lingers over bad coffee.

  54. Peter Darling

    Peet’s French Roast, made in a French press, allowed to steep for five minutes or so, cut with soy milk and served in a big bowl, which I can slowly work on for the first hour or so of my morning. One of my hobbies/problems is collecting/stealing coffee mugs from Silicon Valley law firms, banks and so on. So far, Bridge Bank has the best mugs, but there’s always competition.

  55. Shyam Subramanyan

    Aah…this got me to participate!Southern Indian style “Kapi”. Made from a small stainless steel coffee filter for espresso style coffee and then mixed with hand frothed milk and served in a stainless steel cup. Starbucks in the afternoon though!

  56. daryn

    strong, black, and unsweetened.I start my work day with a shot or two of espresso at home, go with a black coffee or americano later in the day, and occasionally a macchiato or soy macchiato if I’m in the mood for something with more body. On the weekends it’s a french press with the paper or the “paper” (aka AVC)

  57. JF Brandon

    Not quite Coffee… but Tea! In a 3D Printed “Weave Cup” I designed….

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      that’s a cool cup!

      1. JF Brandon

        Thank you!

  58. Paul Sanwald

    in NYC, one of my favorite things to do before work is go for a long run over the brooklyn bridge and up the west side highway to chelsea, go to doughnut plant, and then back.

  59. Paul Sanwald

    although, vietnamese coffee was also awesome and I miss it. it’s served and then you let it brew at the table, so you have to wait to drink it. it’s a nice ritual, and allows time to slow down. so often, coffee is grab and go in the US, but in vietnam it’s something to sit and savor.

  60. robertdesideri

    Caffeine Hack: Raise the bar by lowing the bars. Simplify.The 9 bar method works well, what they didn’t tell you when you learned about coffee equipment the size of Buicks, is so does 1.5 bars.No need for big iron, in truth. Pictured is a simple device, think of it as an S4 running stock Android rather than a tricked out desktop.Apply heat to the bottom of pot for boiling water in the lower chamber. The heated water forces itself up through a second chamber, this is where the coffee lives. The same pressure forces the water further up the stack through a perforated filter holding back the grounds up into a coffee collection chamber at the top, from which you are given lovely aromatic coffee in fewer than 3 minutes.This works on any stovetop, camping grill, etc. And it’s really easy to clean up. There’s a rubber seal where the second chamber splits in two, this is the only disposable, replace it after several hundred uses. Hand froth heated milk if you’re not into mainlining your fix. I do both though am partial to a large bowl of steamed frothy whole milk, can’t figure out why the bowl appeals so other than maybe I was a dog in a past life.Regarding the coffee, here’s a secret. Bustelo. Easy to find, ridiculously delicious.All said, if I lived near Kava I’d be afk, sipping in the garden right now.

  61. Louis A.

    Iced coffee with soy milk every morning from Bonsignour. You can’t beat it.

  62. FlavioGomes

    Costa rican dark roast…but my favourite all time is camp coffee with some rind and all…just tastes amazing when you wake up in the bush on a crisp morning.

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Love this.

  63. Youssef Rahoui

    Expresso, unsweeten. I am a long time customer of La Caféothèque (actually, I think I am their most ancient loyal customer), the best place in Paris to have a cup of some of the finest coffees in the world. 2 links:- their website (in french): NYT article (that agrees with me!): http://tmagazine.blogs.nyti

  64. goldwerger

    Fred, this is what my home made double espresso look like (check out that crema;) —

  65. TamiMForman

    Tea. Made the English way. Loose leaf, in a pot. And yes, with two kids running under foot. My concession to that reality is using make-your-own-teabag filters. Easier than dealing with the tea balls or similar contraption.

  66. John

    Don’t drink it. Better not to I think. Life gives me enough energy.

  67. Pete Griffiths

    Low fat small cappuchino from Peets.Peets is the bomb!

  68. Kirsten Lambertsen

    I use this little guy to make a very strong Americano with lots of whole milk every day that I have coffee at home. Sadly, I disgrace it by drinking it out of a plastic 7-11 thermal cup.

  69. Donna Brewington White

    My first morning cup is not very pretty and it’s generally made in a rush before taking a child to school — so it’s tea with a splash of milk. Coffee generally comes later in the day and I have some very pretty photos of my favorite cappucino from a “french cafe” on instagram.At our house, for tea it’s PG Tips, the orginal builder’s or “working man’s” tea (or so I’ve been told) and if I drink caffeine at home, it must be in my “Reinvent” mug which is my current life story in one word. Our close friends who are South African have been talking about builder’s tea for years and this Christmas I found a box by that actual name for my husband’s Christmas stocking. I bought it as a joke but it was actually quite good!

  70. Seth Gold

    From last night’s Bay Area Coffee Community Latte Art Throwdown.

  71. aweissman

    Blue Bottle, Mint Plaza, March 2008. This cup made me from a casual drinker to an obsessive (obsessive compulsive) drinker.

  72. tsella

    Cortado is the way to go. In NYC, I usually get my fix at Ports, picture was taken at Cafecito Organico, Israel, I usually settle for a double Machiatto, and at home and Boxee offices around the world, a double Espresso. Double, as my father used to say, “doppio il caffe, non doppio l’aqua”.

  73. Miguel Zabludovsky

    @fredwilson:disqus if you find yourself with a coffee stain, let my company, Slate NYC, take care of it (20 feet from Cava @ 107 Horatio Street)… nice to know we are neighbors πŸ™‚

  74. paramendra

    I make my own. What I make you just can’t buy. I add ingredients noone out there does.

  75. Zeb

    I’m a cortado addict myself. Chomping at the bit to return to NY coffee after months in Santiago with Startup Chile. This is my 4sq list “Great coffee and cortados” in NYC

  76. JLM

    .You get +1 only because I cannot give you a +100.Well played.JLM.

  77. falicon

    unlike @JLM:disqus I can give you a…+100 πŸ™‚

  78. William Mougayar

    +1 for the crema +10 for the stamp+100 for the idea

  79. Barry Nolan

    I see your AVC, and raise you with the world famous ‘Barry White’ skinny flat white!

  80. takingpitches

    haha. #awesomeness

  81. LE

    At first I thought you were in Chestnut Hill Philly suburbs. Just saw there is a place in Lancaster called “Chestnut Hill Cafe”. I was looking into buying a similar type place where I am that went bankrupt and offered music that drew pretty nice crowds (every time I went to pickup Chinese food on Friday or Saturday the place was a big hangout.) I figured that knowing nothing about music I would offer a fresh perspective.Next time you are at chc you might want to tell them a few of their web pages are broken:http://chestnuthillcafe.com

  82. kidmercury

    the only way this can be beat is if someone can get fred’s avatar in their coffee

  83. ShanaC

    that’s amazing

  84. Donna Brewington White

    Impressive, Charlie. Especially for early morning ingenuity BEFORE you had your caffeine (unless this was your second cup, then not as impressive).