Journalism plays a critical role in a free society

That's the money quote from Jeff Bezos' awesome letter to the employees of the Washington Post. The medium has changed from print to online and in the process so has the profitability of these important journalistic enterprises.

But the role of journalism in our society is more critical than ever, in particular good journalism which has struggled to make the transition from print to online. Jeff acknowledges this in his letter:

I would highlight two kinds of courage the Grahams have shown as owners that I hope to channel. The first is the courage to say wait, be sure, slow down, get another source. Real people and their reputations, livelihoods and families are at stake. The second is the courage to say follow the story, no matter the cost.

That's exactly right. Kudos to Jeff Bezos for using his capital to invest in something this important to our world. Super impressive move.

#Current Affairs