Feature Friday: Bluetooth Stereo Headset

A month or so ago, my friend Jeff Epstein walked into a board meeting with these around his neck.

bluetooth stereo headset

He stopped next to me, took them off his neck, and said to me “these are life changing”.

I pulled out my phone, went to Amazon, and ordered a pair. I’ve been using them ever since. They are life changing.

It’s not like I haven’t used a Bluetooth headset before. I’ve had many. I’ve just never stuck with any before. I would keep going back to wired headphones.

But these LG stereo headphones just do it right. I like the feeling of buds in my ear. These replicate that feeling, but deliver it wirelessly.

The controls are placed perfectly on the device. When you slide the on switch, they tell you that the headset is on, the battery is high, and you are connected to your phone. You get similar information when you turn them off.

They are comfortable, the battery time is long, and the sound quality is great.

I use them in my office to do all my calls now. I put my Nexus5 in its wireless charger, and walk around my office with these on doing calls.

I use them on the subway to listen to my soundcloud feeds (another feature friday topic).

I use them to walk to and from work and make phone calls and listen to music.

It is amazing how something so simple can make a measurable improvement in my life. These have done it.

Now I just want the blinged out version with gold and diamonds 🙂