Video Of The Week: A Brief History Of Kickstarter

I missed this when it came out. But it’s great. So here is the brief (less than 6 mins) history of Kickstarter.


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  1. William Mougayar

    Curious why they didn’t mention their funding as part of their history.

    1. aminTorres

      half way thru the video I was too waiting for that.

    2. fredwilson

      it is not important to them

      1. LE

        You know the key line in “Bogie Nights” said by Jack Horner about Floyd Gondoli (iirc) “Money, it’s an important part of the process”.All this stuff is a non starter without money. And specifically money that is someone else’s and/or that you can afford to lose.Anyone who doesn’t know that has never attempted to start a business with their own ass on the line where they can’t afford to be wrong.

      2. LE

        Some of the best Shark Tank episodes are watching the foolish people who turn down the money and think that they can actually build their business in podunk without the help of a national celebrity with connections and significant guidance. All because they think the ownership that is being requested is to high. (Some of them for sure just go on for the tv exposure never intending to make a deal but I’m not talking about those people.)

    3. jason wright

      because that’s the irony of it.

  2. LE

    This is a great video.

  3. jason wright

    so Fred, at what times in the video did you first hear of KS, first meet KS, and finally make your investment? i’d like to have context from your point of view.

    1. fredwilson

      i heard about it when they launched in April 2009we invested in the fall of 2009

      1. jason wright

        so at about 1:55 and 2:20

  4. Matt Nichols

    Very good video … and Kickstarter such a good idea. Hard for many small start ups to find funding.

  5. timraleigh

    Great story.

  6. Richard

    Funny thing about video content delivery, when it comes to the good stuff, I need to find it and opt in, (like this video). On the other hand, when it comes to junk video, there it is in all its glory finding me and challenging me, like a shoutout at the ok carrel, to see who is quicker, me at closing the browser tab or the server from delivering me the garbage.

  7. Bobur

    Cool video and a great product. What makes the story interesting for me is that it reminds me how everything starts from basics; simple website, team and office. It’s sometimes overwhelming to put an expectation of your product being of the same standard as Kickstarter now from the beginning. Baby steps :)On a side note, I just hope Kickstarter will be even more proud of and encourage other projects other than films, music, games and etc. More support for hardware please!

  8. aminTorres

    Fred, for the last few weeks 3 to 5 of my comment have gone on to disappear here.Not sure why, perhaps something Discuss should look into it if others as well have had comments show as successfully posted but then they are gone when one comes back to the post? Yesterday I responded to Williams comment almost right after he posted it and now that comment is gone.

    1. fredwilson

      i fished them out of spam and whitelisted you. it should not happen again.

      1. aminTorres


  9. Emeri Gent [Em]

    The immediate thing I pick up from watching the Kickstarter video is that stories are worth capturing because our stories reveal themselves as Steve Jobs once said by connecting the dots backwards, and not as we are living them.The dots in this video are not some manufactured brand, they are moments captured – moments that could well appear insignificant to others at the time, but when revealed as a specific timeline allow the astute observer to piece together what brought something into being – especially by observers who had absolutely no involvement in that birthing.Yet stories of growth and emergence by themselves can describe events in two ways:1. How shit happened2. How magic happenedWhen I look at the story of the founders of HP, I can immediately see where magic happened and when I look at HP as a story that permeates into its present level of crisis, I can see where shit happened.So far, as the kickstarter story has been pieced together as a 5 year window, I see magic happen. Maybe over a 10 year window, the story may read different if this organization loses its plot – and things in life do not come together for a reason, but because people in those kind of stories simply let the magic happen rather than conjure an illusion.There is magic which is a trick, and there is magic which is wonder – one is manufactured and the ephemeral response to it is usually laced with kool-aid, and the other is the kind of story that I like investing my time with – where you can sense the wonder of it, the effort, the brilliance woven with mistakes and most importantly a coming together of what we term as “something special”, rather than a branded effect.So I enjoyed this video and I will watch it again, because there is so much to absorb through a picture that can’t possibly be conveyed with either reason or words – and here is my biggest takeaway – every startup is a unique work, a unique practice, has its own unique social DNA and the only thing that can be copied is the success – but what went into making the success – now that is the journey and such a journey is what I call magic.[Em]

  10. Mynd Consulting

    Has it been that long already?

  11. Mark Gavagan

    “Crowdfunding” was just added to Merrriam-Webster’s dictionary in 2014