Audio Of The Week: Luis von Ahn, Founder and CEO of Duolingo

Luis von Ahn is a terrific entrepreneur and computer scientist. He is the founder of our portfolio company Duolingo. In this podcast he talks about all sorts of interesting topics.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    where is ‘Ahn’? i can’t find it on any map.


    Interesting, I can’t wait until Duolingo supports the Hausa language. In the meantime I would continue to take on the difficult task of having a useful, informative, comprehensive online Hausa dictionary at like for Spanish.

  3. Moritz

    Thanks to Duolingo my professional move to Brazil was not nearly as harrowing as it might have been. They make it fun, and easy!

  4. jason wright

    are Google’s Pixel Buds a threat to companies like Duolingo?

  5. Jeremy Robinson

    What a wonderful and brilliant man! Love the interview and learning what Duolingo is doing. No Mandarin yet on Duolingo? I’d love to see how badly I would fail at that when Duolingo starts offering Mandarin.

  6. fredwilson

    Two Brad Burnham gems. Brad is the quiet partner at USV but his taste in entrepreneurs and companies is very good

  7. Amar

    Love the Indeed reference. I spent some time there as a product manager – it was one of the few (the only?) ad based revenue model company in Austin back then. I learned a lot that continues to serve me well. IMO, it continues to be one of the best product and engineering leadership teams in the country. Rony, Chris, Donald, Doug, did and continue to do a tremendous job!Great job by Brad on having an eye for talent!

  8. JLM

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