Board Feedback

Something I am a huge fan of is Board Feedback. I’ve written about this a lot here at AVC and I am writing about it again today. Because it is important and not done regularly in my experience.

A founder/CEO and their team spend a lot of time preparing for a meeting, and then they give the meeting their all, and often the Board leaves and nothing is really said about it.

That sucks. For everyone, but most of all for the CEO.

Here is what I try to do and mostly do. I sometimes mess this up but not often.

After the meeting ends, at least one director, ideally the Chairman if there is one who is not the CEO, or the lead director, or the director who is there in person, should lead an executive session without the CEO and get feedback from all of the directors and observers and then they should sit down with the CEO and provide that feedback in an honest and open way.

The sooner you do this the better. No CEO should ever be wondering how the Board Meeting went, what people are thinking, and how they are doing.

And yet that is often the case. That is malpractice. It is wrong. It should not happen.

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  1. Nir Z. Pengas

    Why conduct the initial meeting without the CEO?

    1. fredwilson

      it’s an executive session at the end of the meeting. directors will often be more honest and candid without the CEO present. then the lead director can take all of that feedback and deliver it appropriately

      1. mikestiller

        Fred – Do you think this is unique to startup Boards or could be applied to public company Boards as well?

        1. fredwilson

          public companies are way better at this because the directors are often professional directors who are very experienced in these things

          1. JamesHRH

            Quite often, in my experience, technical founders are not good at meetings generally. If they are good at them, its usually from there project experience.Every sit down (versus walk around) meeting should have a pre-meeting and who ever is in charge should lead it.Before @jlm breaks out the everything you need to know about meetings’ seminar ;-), here’s the short strokes (IMO):- meetings are performance art, except for brain storming ones.- therefore, you should have the flow of the meeting understood and you should manage it (outcomes are not always understood, but many are). – there are only 3 types of meetings: idea generation, information looping ( up / down / lateral distribution or feedback) and decision making.

          2. JLM

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          3. sigmaalgebra

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          4. JamesHRH

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          5. JLM

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          7. karen_e

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          9. JamesHRH


          10. Donna Brewington White

            Sometimes that is all one can do.

          11. Lawrence Brass

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          12. JLM

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          14. Chimpwithcans

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          15. JLM

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          16. Donna Brewington White

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          17. Chimpwithcans

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          18. Twain Twain

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          19. Jeremy Robinson

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  2. Hal

    A number of reasons make this IMHO the most important action a BOARD COLLECTIVELY, as opposed to individual director advice and counsel can provide to the CEO . Primarily because the CEO needs a collective view, which can not be given unless they meet without him or her. Also some issues to be conveyed may be quite sensitive, such as interpersonal performance of a direct report, or the CEO him or herself. Or a strategic option that one board member might have thought they alone were concerned about, but in the executive session they find others shared it and that needed to be conveyed. sometimes very little is contained in an individual session, but the practice of doing it every time allows for a major issue to be dealt with in the executive session without making it appear as something special, saving time, money and angst.

    1. fredwilson


  3. Richard

    Duty of Loyalty , Duty of Care. The issue is what happens when a V.C. is loyal to their LPs over the shareholders

  4. Jason T

    Agree 100%. And would love to see that feedback channel work both ways. There’s no formal way for key executives to give feedback to board members. And while many board members do a great job, everyone could use feedback around effectiveness, efficiency, helpfulness, and being generally constructive.

    1. fredwilson

      the best boards i am on have formal board review processes which the CEO (and sometimes the senior team) participate inall public boards have that by law

  5. LE

    A founder/CEO and their team spend a lot of time preparing for a meetingI am wondering if there is a process in place to vet what management says and represents during a meeting. Also if materials are provided prior to a meeting or if they are unleashed at a meeting when it would be quite difficult to challenge the information.

  6. jason wright

    too many indians?what’s your ideal board size?

    1. fredwilson

      five for a small company, seven for a big one

  7. cavepainting

    Great post.Meeting without the CEO also gives the board an opportunity to understand and discuss their own internal disagreements on where the company is and its direction.Conflicts among board members on key decisions can be fatal if not brought out into the open and discussed. When investors come in at different stages with varying expectations on the opportunity and likely outcomes, there can be divergent thoughts on CEO performance, growth spending vs. striving for EBITDA, seeking a sale vs. raising more financing, etc.It is the job of the chairman to create an environment where the different members representing different groups of shareholders can be honest about what “success” means to them.As Vinod Khosla often says, most boards add negative vs. positive value. If they want to really help, they need to make a real effort to understand more, seek to get to the truth of the market opportunity, and engage in open conversations to frame and resolve conflicts. Especially for the portfolio companies that are struggling and need help.

  8. Francesco Barbera

    Great post. Would love to hear any thoughts or experience you have around including Board observers in this feedback process(for example, observers representing investors)? Maybe not as part of executive session but through some other mechanism?

    1. Hal

      yes, if directors agree. And i do.

  9. JLM

    .The communication with the CEO post-board meeting is a small part of the CEO-Board relationship which should be founded on a written Employment Agreement and a written performance appraisal system which is agreed to between the Board and the CEO.One might suggest to delay the “day of” feedback until the next day.The CEO is exhausted and all the intraverts (as that term is used in psychology, not colloquially) need a day to process the info.A really good Chairman — a person with a bit of gray hair and, maybe, a former CEO herself — will ask the CEO how she thought the meeting went first before providing feedback.Then, it should be a discussion, a calm discussion. The CEO should be given an opportunity to provide her own feedback. It is not a one way street.A good board day has committee meetings, the board meeting, the independent directors meeting, and a feedback loop both ways.A good board practice is an Annual Anonymous Board Survey which can really smoke out some underlying issues. If anyone wants an exemplar, ping me.In 33 years of CEOing public and private companies and 40+ years of serving on boards, I continue to be amazed how long it takes youngish board members to figure the whole board thing out. This is where a savvy, experienced Chairman of the Board can really work wonders.Last thought — there are a lot of companies opting for Delaware Corporations. Delaware has an excellent body of law which touches on this subject and it should be read and followed.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. sigmaalgebra

      DAMN, that’s DARNED good. Got rid of the ambiguous, dangerous fluff. Made it solid. Maximized light and minimized heat. Kept it rational, productive, effective and filtered out a lot of gossip, politics, cliques, egos. Darned super important — actually help the company in a situation where it could easily be destroyed, for no good reason extracting miserable defeat from the jaws of magnificent victory, as emotions from ego driven people commonly do. For the description, nailed it down on all four corners and down each of the four sides. A keeper. Read. Kept. Abstracted. Indexed. Thx. Progress.

  10. sigmaalgebra

    Yup.Same lack of two way communications happens in a lot of situations, everything from boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage, parenting, school, job interviews, jobs, job performance appraisals, buyer/seller, …, CEO/BoD.Yup:No CEO should ever be wondering how the Board Meeting went, what people are thinking, and how they are doing.Yup, a romantic couple may guess that it’d be a lot of fun, disclosure, it IS, for them to take their first shower together, uh, just to save on the water you understand. Yup, it’s a lot of intimacy. But “what … are thinking and how … are doing” can easily be much more intimate. No, I’m not suggesting that BoD meetings should be group shower activities!One reason for lack of communications can be the “Thumper Rule”: “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”.A special case would be, if you don’t say anything, then necessarily you won’t say anything wrong.Another reason can be the old advice to would be managers about their subordinates: “Keep them guessing and don’t ever let them see you smile.”.Another reason can be from an old, very conservative approach, appropriate for small, tightly knit communities, to presentation of self (E. Goffman) — “Don’t tell them ANYTHING.”.Another reason can be the rule from My Fair Lady,Henry, I suggest you stick to two subjects: the weather and your health.Another reason can be the passive-aggressive position of just silent, uncommunicative, non-cooperation.Another reason can be a person’s generally applied technique of a rubber stamp response to nearly anything of “super, terrific, fantastic.”. Some advice is that getting such sugar feels good even when it is clearly exaggeration.E. Fromm lists four attributes of a good romantic relationship:(1) Each giving knowledge of themselves, e.g., what they are thinking, feeling, yes, about the other person and the relationship but also about everything important in the rest of their life. This can be more intimate than taking a shower together! The prettiest human female I ever saw in person or otherwise, 12, when I was 14, on the first or second time I was talking with her, after telling me a little about her father, said “My sister and I have different fathers.”. Yup, that was a good sign: With that start, if I’d known more, I’d have kept going with her and married her. Net, that matter of giving knowledge can be strong stuff. Indeed, a standard activity for a person A in meeting someone intending a romantic relationship is for person A to say a lot about themselves. There is a classic case of this in the Wagner opera Lohengrin when Grail Knight Lohengrin is meeting beautiful ElsaIn a far-off land, inaccessible to your steps, There is a castle by the name of Montsalvat. A light-filled temple stands within it, More beautiful than anything on earth. with the first line “In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten” as at…(2) Caring, care about each other.(3) Respect each other.(4) Respond to each other.So, some of such things might be good also for a CEO and their BoD!!!

  11. creative group

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  12. pointsnfigures

    Yup. Did I make this mistake? Yes. Answer. No excuse sir. Period, the end. Do this even though there is usually a consistent conversation of some sort between founders and active board investors at seed. By consistent conversation I mean, email or in person, or on the phone or text-and not every single day but consistent. The feedback changes as the board grows and company grows. Often, we find it’s us and two founders or very very small boards. But, executive session is a great thing to do and in no way is sinister.

  13. Frank W. Miller

    Why can’t you just say these things directly to the CEO in the meeting?

  14. jason wright

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    1. RichardF

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      1. jason wright

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