Funding Friday: Wavelength

Tabletop games (or party games) is one of the top categories on Kickstarter (a USV portfolio company). There has been a real resurgence in these sorts of games in recent years and most of the innovation in this category is happening and being funded on Kickstarter.

Today’s project is Wavelength, a guessing game that looks super fun.


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  1. JamesHRH

    Ya tease.The elevator pitch is terrible, but makes sense of the video.Sounds interesting.

  2. falicon

    You have cost me another $35 sir. Well played. Well played….btw, video makes the game look really fun…without actually showing or telling you *anything* about the game itself (it could be people playing anything or not even playing a game at all — but clearly they are all having fun). That being said, once you read through the kickstarter page the game is clear, simple to understand/imagine, and sounds like a ton of fun (hence my backing).Kudos.

  3. JamesHRH

    On an unrelated note, there is this…Thanks to Twitter, I have known Sahil a bit since he founded Gumroad.Its a great, cautionary tale of what happens to people who want the highest levels of success, but don’t actually want that.His choices are quite moving, as is his story.The replies to this tweet –… – are interesting, especially that one of his Seed funders comments.

    1. Mac

      James,it may be an “unrelated note” but every hopeful startup founder should read Sahil’s story before quitting their day job.

      1. JamesHRH

        My favourite ‘Founders who think of a startup as a vehicle for getting them what they want’ story is McAfee AntiVirus ( McAfee himself is another story altogether obviously ).He was looking for:- a product he could distribute online- a product he could sell & install remotelyAt one point, I think he raised $15M on a pre-money of $100M and put $5M in his jeans.Know what you want.

        1. jason wright

          McAfee is a cynical creep.

          1. JamesHRH

            I think he is mentally unstable.The point is that most people end up getting what they want, it is just that some people take direct routes and some people, well, like Sahil, don’t.And some people, like I posted yesterday, go from ‘Maybe I can get A…..’ until they run out of letters and have no idea what to do or what they want. Then, my incredibly wise spouse has the answer: ‘When you do not know what to do, do what you are good at until you do know what you want.’I mean, that’s the best, most universally applicable piece of life advice ever.Or, ev-ah as Ron White would say:…BTW, he’s not married to Barbara anymore…… surprise, surprise.

          2. jason wright

            probably, but not so unstable that he can’t hold himself together for just long enough to put together an exploitative crypto ICO marketing scam where he charges $105,000 per tweet. Edit: The scammers being scammed? Perhaps they deserve each other.

          3. JamesHRH

            Let’s agree on sociopath.

          4. jason wright


    2. JH

      That was a great article. Thanks for sharing.

      1. JamesHRH

        Thanks.My Sahil experience is Twitter as its finest. Not sure he says the same thing about me!

  4. DJL

    Good old-fashioned board games are becoming a great alternative to electronic devices in our home. Thankfully kids still love them.

  5. jason wright

    I like the graphic art. very 1970s. nostalgia for a lost (and never to return) age of analogue innocence.