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Funding Friday: On Pause

As we get to that time of the year when we look back and take measure of 2020, it will be one for the ages, and not in a good way.

I saw this photo book project on Kickstarter today and thought “it would be good to have this book to remember the early spring in NYC.” So I backed it.

Photos like this really take your breath away, particularly if you’ve been a NYer for a long time, like we have.

Email readers can click here and watch the video. I’ve embedded it below for web readers.


Funding Friday: Remotely

I was on a zoom board meeting in early July and one of the board members started whipping out cards instead of interrupting. I captured the moment because I thought it was awesome.

Since then, I have wanted my own set of zoom meeting cards, but never took the initiative to make them.

So when I saw this Kickstarter project, I backed it immediately and went for the reward (which I rarely do) of the complete set of cards.

Email readers should click on this link and watch the video. I think you will want to get some cards too.


Funding Friday: Lifted

AVC regular Charlie Crystle told me that his neighbors are doing a fun Kickstarter. So I went and watched the video (here for email readers):

The video is only 30 seconds and it sold me instantly. I backed it and I bet you will too if you like to drink beer with friends.

It’s a beer opener and a game all in one. It reminds me of what our family does with the chicken bone. So much fun.


Funding Fridays: Agi's

This project has a bunch of things that interest/excite me:

1/ Entrepreneurs committing to building new things in NYC during the pandemic

2/ Young chefs going out on their own

3/ Brooklyn

4/ Jelly donuts

I backed this project just now and took the jelly donuts reward because how could I resist?

The video is great and the project has one more day and is about 10% away from its goal. Check it out. You might like to back it too.