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Funding Friday: Helping Healthcare Workers

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the US, the people who are stepping up the most to meet this challenge are our country’s healthcare workers. We should do everything we can to help make sure they can work safely during this crisis.

So today I am highlighting two fundraisers for protective equipment for these health care workers. Both are on GoFundMe (which happens to be a USV portfolio company but that is just a coincidence here). I have given to both of them.

A Million Masks For NYC – This one was started by a bunch of folks in the NYC tech sector and has raised from individuals (like me) and NYC tech companies. You can give here.

Frontline Responders Fund – This is a $10mm campaign started by Edward Norton and the logistics company Flexport to fund supplying “masks, gowns, gloves and other critical supplies to protect medical professionals in hospitals across the world.” You can give here.

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Funding Friday: Squids In Disguise

Kickstarter CEO Aziz Hasan is running a Make 100 project called Squids In Disguise where he will make 100 surprise sticker packs.

  • 80 packs will contain 5 limited edition art stickers at random from at least 
  • 10 packs will be a special edition of 5 Super Squids (Superhero exclusive)
  • 10 packs will be a special edition of 5 Kickstarter-themed squids

The reference for the artwork will be all nostalgia from my childhood, specifically cartoon and video game characters that I loved growing up, reimagined as squids.

I really like it when the CEO of a company uses the product or service publicly. I backed Aziz’s project today.


Funding Friday: Make 100

Kickstarter kicks off the new year with a campaign called Make 100. The idea is to stimulate a lot of smaller projects where the creator makes 100 of something.

It’s a hodgepodge of creativity in the best sense of the word. Here are the current crop of Make 100 projects live on Kickstarter.

I just went and backed a bunch of them. It’s so much fun.

My favorite is this project where the creator, JJ Chuan, is going to make 100 city maps out of old cassette tapes. I just love that.