Sick Day

I woke up sick this morning and could not fly to Toronto where I was planning to do a session at Collision with Matt Glotzbach, CEO of our portfolio company Quizlet.

I sent some emails to let people know I could not make it and went back to bed and slept for another few hours and I feel a bit better.

I do this to myself a few times a year when life gets hectic. The good news is that Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and that means some much needed R&R.

Speaking of Matt Glotzbach, here is a video that Matt and Quizlet’s founder Andrew Sutherland did three years ago to introduce Matt to the Quizlet community. It does a great job of showcasing Matt’s personality and strengths (and Andrew’s too).


Comments (Archived):

  1. Tom Labus

    Feel better! Some sun this weekend too.

  2. Mark Gavagan

    I hadn’t heard of Quizlet before – great idea.The should consider a “Stay Sharp Summer” campaign, to counteract summer learning loss (especially in math).

  3. Gregory Wertman

    Hop you feel better, Fred. First time contributor, long time insight and knowledge absorber 🙂

  4. JLM

    .Get well. Rest.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  5. KB

    Feel better FW!

  6. jason wright


  7. Rob Underwood

    There was, for a moment, some serious discussion amongst a group of folks who were at Via today to head over and bring you some chicken noodle soup but we thought better of it.

  8. Lawrence Brass

    Get better soon!<image of=”” a=”” cup=”” of=”” tea,=”” cinnamon=”” and=”” mint=”” that=”” disqus=”” won’t=”” take=””>

  9. sigmaalgebra

    Ah, looks like the first ever, science fiction becomes reality, transportation over the Internet!!! I.e., I got a cold, and apparently you got the virus from my blog post!As a child and young adult, I’d get bad colds about once a year. Then they went away as if I had already had and become immune to all the common cold viruses. This cold is the first in 20+ years.Ah, more science fiction: Maybe my application for a do-over has been granted, and I’m about to become a young adult again!Soooooo, since I have a Ph.D., ah, have it good for one more thing!!, I should get a part time slot teaching at a college!!!! Gee, Vassar is not very far away!!! Sooo, right, meet some coeds, all part of the do-over.Then meet their younger sisters, say, in about the 10th grade …!College coeds? From Yoda, “Too old. Too old to begin the training.”! Comparing the high school and college girls I knew, this time, only high school — won’t make THAT mistake again!First have to shake off this virus!