Funding Friday: Planetary Blocks

I backed this project to make a block toys for kids based on the planetary system a few weeks ago.

I am into anything that makes learning fun for kids and this definitely does that.

You can back it here.


Comments (Archived):

  1. sigmaalgebra

    It may be that block toys are a relatively good way for kids, say, 1-8, to learn about shapes, fitting, balance, etc.But I would suggest that usually it would be better for the blocks (1) to have different sizes and (2) all the dimensions, length, width, and height, with ratios 1, 2, 3, and at most 4. Mostly the shapes should be just rectangular parallelepipids but with maybe some arcs or circles thrown in. Then, say, build a bridge with the longest span or a tower of greatest height — no glue or fasteners permitted! Pictures on the blocks are from irrelevant down to distractions. The blocks I had had prints of railroad cars on the sides, but I never regarded the blocks as having anything to do with railroads, and soon the printing wore off!

  2. jason wright

    A block could be made in two halves that pull apart to reveal a ‘planet’ inside, a planet with a polar hole drilled right the way through it. With an accessory kit these planets could then be brought to life, suspended from bedroom ceilings by cords and arranged in their solar positions. More complex to make. More expensive. More exciting for kids.