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Looking For Software Engineers

I posted about our portfolio company earlier this week. In the past month, they've closed a big new financing, secured an important strategic partnership with CNN, and they continue to ramp their hyperlocal content network, which is a top 200 internet network according to Quantcast.

The thing that makes all of this possible is a group of top notch software engineers and they are looking to hire a bunch more. This job posting explains exactly what they are looking for. But for those who need some more data before clicking on that link, here's a quick summary:

Our stack includes Ruby, Scala, C++, Javascript, Rails, Sinatra,
Solr/Lucene, message queueing, and Postgres/PostGIS. We build mobile
apps (iPhone, Android), Web apps, and API's. We're agile where it makes
sense, but mostly sensible, intelligent, clever and hard-working. We
prefer generalists who have lots of successes committing at every layer
of the stack.

We want you to have one or more of the following areas of interest and real-world experience:

  • Geo: Geographic data, geometric containment and mapping API's
  • NLP: Passion for text analysis and semantic extraction, with a particular eye towards balancing accuracy and throughput
  • Ad Serving, Monetization, Optimization and Exchanges: OpenX, DFP,
    Google Ad Manager, RightMedia, etc… revenue performance metrics and
    A/B monetization strategies

So, if that piques your interest, please click on this link and learn more. I can assure you its a great company to work for and the software engineering challenges are both interesting and problems worth solving.

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Hyperlocal Goes Mainstream: CNN teams up with

I've been interested in the hyperlocal blogging movement since I started blogging. Once you have your own printing press, you start thinking about what you might write about the place you live. And I've written about school sports, little league heroics, contentious local issues, and a host of other hyperlocal news over the years.

My unwavering belief is that we will cover ourselves when it comes to local news. We are at the PTA meetings, the little league games, and the rallies to save our local institutions, so who better to cover them than us? This is what hyperlocal blogging is all about and it is slowly but surely it is gaining steam.

Today, our portfolio company, which aggregates up all this hyperlocal blogging and makes it available and discoverable, announced a partnership with CNN which, among other things, means that hyperlocal bloggers will start seeing their posts on CNN. That's a big deal. This is the mainstreaming of hyperlocal blogging and its about time. powered neighborhood, town, city, and place pages are already hosted on more than one hundred media partners around the country, including the New York Post, Dow
Jones Local, Media General  and Chicago Tribune. Here's an powered page on the New York Post about the Flatiron district in NYC, where our firm Union Square Ventures is located.

If you operate a local media business, big or small, and you want to add the voices of hyperlocal bloggers to your pages, then click here an learn more about for Publishers and get started. If you are a blogger and want your stories on CNN and media partners like the New York Post and others, then make sure your feed is in's index. You can do that here.

It's taken a long time for this vision to become a reality, but it's happening now. We are covering ourselves and big media is leveraging our voices to cover the local news that they can't get to. It is very gratifying to watch it happen.

Update:'s founder Steven Johnson's post on the news is here. And here are the engineering hires that will make with the new cash. If you are an engineer looking for a new challenge, please take a look.

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