Exploding TV (continued)

I have this vision that someday soon we’ll sit in front of our TV and we’ll face a screen that looks like this:

1) Cable/Satellite

2)  Internet

3) Stored Shows

The point being that today cable is the way we get TV.  In the future, it’s going to be one of options, but not the only option.  We’ll have a media server somewhere in our house that has the DVDs we’ve bought and ripped, the videos we’ve acquired by Bit Torrent or some other means, and the stuff we’ve bought via digital download over the Internet.  That will be our stored content.

There will also be the option of watching live video over the Internet.  In the past week a half, there has been a huge amount of streaming Tsunami video watching.  But that’s happening on PCs.  Why won’t that activity move to TVs?  It will.

Sometime in the late 80s, I told my brothers that someday all the music we owned would be able to be stored on PC hard drive and that’s the way we’d listen to our music.  I didn’t go one step further to the iPod, but at least I had a sense of where it was going.

And I am pretty certain that TV is going in this direction too.

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