A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

This photo was on the front page of the Metro section of today’s New York Times.


It shows Freddy Ferrer,  who did not get enough votes to avoide a runoff, celebrating the decision by the number two vote getter, Anthony Weiner, to concede the primary to Ferrer.

This made me think of those cartoons where each person in the picture has a balloon with their private thoughts in it.

I don’t do photoshop, so you’ll just have to leave that part to the imagination.

Freddy – "I feel like Agassi winning a five set match to get the priviledge of playing Federer."

Weiner – "That was the easiest trade of my life. I gave up the opportunity to either lose to Ferrer in a runoff or lose to Bloomberg in a landslide and got the pole position for 2009."

Gifford – "This sucks so bad I can’t even say how bad this sucks."

Virginia – "Now what."

The fact is that Bloomberg is going to crush Ferrer.  He’s done a fine job and most new yorkers don’t want to make a change right now.

Weiner comes out the big winner in this whole deal in my mind.

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