I had so much fun with the 50 Favorite Albums series that I didn’t want it to end.

But 50 is 50 (51 actually) and that list is built.

It is gone from my right sidebar, but it’s still online here.

And its linked to on the right sidebar, right below the records in Heavy Rotation.

But I wondered what I would do every Friday morning to replace the 50 Favorites.

As I was working my way through our vinyl record collection this week, I came across so many great records that wouldn’t be on the Top 50, but deserve some attention nonetheless.

Nuggets_1They are the Nuggets of our music collection, and many of them were purchased at the great record store in Kenmore Square of the same name.

So there it is.  I have my new friday series.

It’s called Nuggets and each week I will call out a great old record that everyone should know about but most probably don’t.

We’ll start this week with a record by one of my favorite guitar players, Nils Lofgren.

Nils is mostly known for his excellent work with Bruce Springsteen and before that, Neil Young.

But Nils has put out a bunch of music on his own over the years.

Nils_1And his best effort is the self titled, Nils Lofgren.

This record features one of the greatest rock and roll tribute songs, Keith Don’t Go, which is an "Ode to the Glimmer Twin".

But there really isn’t a bad song on the record.  I love Goin’ Back, Rock n Roll Crook, The Sun Hasn’t Set, I Don’t Want To Know, and Back It Up.

This record was made by Nils, Wornell Jones on bass, and Ansley Dunbar on drums.  A great group of musicians and a great record.

It’s available on CD at Amazon.

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