Iraq and Terror

It’s been tough to watch our struggles in Iraq.

I have to admit that I have had very mixed feelings about the war in Iraq.

As a citizen, you want to support your troops when they are fighting (and dying) in a foreign country.

And when the Iraqis went to vote in droves, it was pretty easy to start thinking that maybe Bush was right.

But most of the time, as I sit back and do my monday morning quarterbacking, I feel that we should not have gone to Iraq and should not be there now.

I saw this in the Wall Street Journal this morning:

Bush accused Islamic militants of seeking to "enslave whole nations" and charged they have made Iraq their main front.

Yup, they have made Iraq their main front.

But we made that happen. We invaded Iraq and made it a war zone.  And now it is the center of global terror.

Apparently the people who were working on a plan to bomb the NY subway system were tracked down in Iraq.

It really begs the following question:

Are we safer or in more danger because of our war in Iraq?

I am not going to try to answer that question.

Maybe some of my readers will in the comments section.

But I’d just like to say that it’s on my mind a lot these days.

Walking through the subway turnstiles isn’t as simple a thing to do as it used to be.