I did several things wrong when I started this blog almost three years ago.

I didn’t domain map it on day one and was happy to use the URL.

I didn’t realize at the time that AVC would be something worthy of its own URL and moving it now
is an effort I don’t relish making.

An even bigger issue was creating two feeds (an rss and an atom feed) that were hosted by typepad.

Feedburner didn’t exist in September 2003 so there really wasn’t much choice.

I built up somewhere around 3000 feed subs by the time I figured out how to turn off
autodiscovery and force all new feed subs to go through FeedBurner.

Those 3000 subs have been stranded and I have been unable to track them, see what
they are reading, offer them feedflares, and run advertising for them.

But finally after over two years of wishing and begging, TypePad has built in full
blown FeedBurner integration
. Hooray!

The 3000 subs that were stranded have been rescued and brought into the fold.

I am thrilled and think this is a big deal. So does Mike

#VC & Technology