Rat Row

Josh and I were walking up sixth avenue last night on the way home from a friend’s house. When we got to the block between W 4th and Minetta Lane, I was tempted to cross the street toward the cages (one of the top street ball locations) but instead we kept going past the new IFC Theater, and then onto "rat row" the string of tattoo shops, sex shops, and the now infamous KFC/Taco Bell store.

I thought the opening of the IFC would be a positive for this block. But that hasn’t happened. I am now hoping the rat video uproar will have some effect. This block is a blight in an otherwise fantastic neighborhood. Let’s hope that "rat row" has now hit rock bottom and is headed for better times.

UPDATE: I just saw Tom W’s comment to this post and I loved it so much I am adding some audio entertainment to this post.