Barbecue Music

We’ve been making barbecue all day – pulled pork and brisket. And the soundtrack for barbecue is, what else, Kings of Leon. So here’s some live KOL for all of you. Pictures of the cue later.

#My Music

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  1. jackson

    We are prepping for our cookout, I’m using the Gotham Gal’s flank steak marinade.Enjoy yours, we’ll do the same.

  2. Dan Buell

    I don’t really get what’s so great about this band… Have a great holiday weekend..

    1. fredwilson

      dan,figure out a way to get Aha Shake Heartbreak on your turntable, CD player, laptop, or sonos (however you listen to music)give it two or three listens.i think you’ll come around.fred

  3. Disappointed in you

    I cannot believe you let your children listen to this – he’s talking about how he can’t get hard to have sex after he’s been snorting coke all night! Shame on you.

    1. fredwilson

      i let my kids listen to anything they want to listen to. its not like they aren’t going to do it when i’m not around.

      1. Disappointed in you

        that’s cool – why don’t you share a six-pack of Budweiser with them too?

        1. fredwilson

          i certainly share a sip of beer with them and encourage them to have a glass of wine with dinner when they reach their teens.i believe that being part of their discovery of stuff like drinking, drugs, etc is the best way to help them figure out how to do it responsibly

    2. Stephen L. McKay

      I couldn’t agree more with Fred.First of all, kids today, no matter where you live, are exposed to all sorts of things at a very young age. Attempting to put the lid down upon what they can see and hear, will only make them more likely to seek these things out, as they think they are “cool”, because of the taboo, and will rebel against their parents for forbidding them. On the other hand, a parent who teaches by example, and who is involved in their child’s life (explaining, working with, and being a regular, full time, although working parent), can expect, for the most part, a kid who knows the difference between what one hears and sees on TV, YT, at a concert, or anywhere else, and the real world they are expected to be a part of.Please don’t underestimate our kids. They are smarter than you think, and I would just bet that Fred’s kids are all going to turn out just fine!