The Barbecue Feast

  The Feast 
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I promised photos in my last post and so here’s a photo of the barbecue feast before everyone went to town on it last night.

The menu was pulled pork (cooked for 12 hours indirect heat on our gas grill) and brisket (two of them cooked for 8 hours in La Caja China), cole slaw, watermelon feta salad, and way too much desert. We also served beer, sangria, water, and juices.

Hopefully, The Gotham Gal will blog the whole thing with recipes and the like. All I can say was it was awesome.

I posted a few pictures of La Caja China on Flickr if you are curious about that contraption.

And here’s the new Bruce Springsteen song that I couldn’t figure out how to get onto my Sonos last night when Cliff asked me to put it on. It’s nice to hear Bruce rock out.

Radio Nowhere – Bruce Springsteen – Magic (new record coming soon)

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  1. greenskeptic

    Yum! It practically melted off my screen. Enjoy the rest of your vacation — and the leftover pork!

  2. Leon Liebman

    I’d kill the “desert”.Leon

  3. jackson

    Looks yummy, as I know it was. Stay tuned for my feast post.