What's Going On With fredwilson.vc


I’ve been struggling how to deal with maintaining two blogs (well four really) along with twitter, flickr, delicious, and facebook.

I blog at avc.blogs.com (you are here), fredwilson.vc, newcritics.com, and unionsquareventures.com.

I regularly create new content at twitter, flickr, delicious, and facebook.

Initially I planned to use fredwilson.vc to aggregate all of that activity in one place. Tumblr (the service that hosts fredwilson.vc) is great for doing that. Our firm, Union Square Ventures, has an investment in Tumblr and I suppose I am biased because of that. But to be honest, I’ve tried a number of "life stream" services and Tumblr is by far my favorite.

But I’ve come to realize that Tumblr is also a great blogging service as well as a life streaming service. And it’s particularly good for "light blogging" or "micro blogging". The Tumblr bookmarklet makes adding quotes to my tumblog a snap. The photoblogging capabilities are very slick. And the music blogging feature is really great too.

So here’s what is going on at fredwilson.vc:

I am aggregating all the posts I do here at avc and the posts I do at newcritics and Union Square Ventures into Tumblr, but they come in as truncated with a link so that they don’t overwhelm the tumblog format. I also bring in all my twitters and delicious posts. Occasionally I’ll send a flickr photo to tumbr as well.

But each and every day, I try to add one photo that’s a reflection of what I am doing, one quote I find memorable on the web, and one song to my tumblog. That stuff will only go to tumblr and it will stay there.

I suspect that for most of you, what you get here at avc is what you are most interested in and this will be a better place to "follow me". But for some, like my mom and dad, maybe the rest of my family, and certainly my friends who are on tumblr, fredwilson.vc will be better.

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