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All you music fans who are used to getting several mp3 posts a week may be wondering what’s going on.

I’ve moved most of my mp3 blogging to

I am looking for a way to bring those posts back to this blog (via RSS or a widget or something) but haven’t found the right solution yet.

So if you are looking for music from me, best to visit

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Comments (Archived):

  1. RacerRick

    Did you try that new yahoo browser player?

  2. andrew

    it is just too hard to have more than one blog – not too mention getting traction on two blogs. Honestly, I would just redirect.

  3. RichK

    Fred, what do you make of the fact that doesn’t show up on the first page of google results (especially given that the URL includes your name)? What does this say for Tumblog and lifestreaming? I’m honestly curious, because I’ve been considering making a Tumblog my main “vanity” site tied to my personal name.

    1. fredwilson

      Apparently not enough link love to that blog at this pointFred

  4. Steve

    I love your MP3 selection, but probably won’t add the second site to my bookmarks. I’ve only got so many blogs/sites I can keep an eye on. Plus, to be honest, I hate Twitter. I like hearing your thoughts on business, music, politics, etc., but I don’t really need to know what you (or anyone else) is doing at any given time during the day. Just my two cents..

    1. Pierre

      Bah, humbug! Just keep posting them here!

    2. fredwilson

      That’s cool. Everyone has their own likes and dislikesI think there’s a good way to get my mp3 posts onto avc anywayFred

  5. daryn

    I made a little widget to find all the audio posts on a tumblr blog and present them. Hopefully it’s not against Tumblr’s TOS…It’s a little clunky as it uses the tumblr player (i didn’t want to try and grab the mp3 straight from them as the appear to try and protect it) and currently it uses one of my servers as a proxy for the tumblr API since they don’t put crossdomain.xml files on people’s tumblelogs (they really should fix that, it allows flash developers to access their APIs and Feeds)Anyhow, you just need to add the following two lines of javascript whereever you want the widget to appear, replacing the dn_tmblr value with your own tumblr url ( )<script>var dn_tmblr=””;</script><script src=”…”></script>Example:

    1. fredwilson


      1. daryn

        No problem, it was a fun mind-clearing exercise :)By the way, I’ve fixed it to show the last 50 audio posts, and I added a little text box on my example page so you can try it against any tumblr blog.

        1. Pierre

          That was fast! Good stuff Daryn.

  6. Bjorn

    why is it exactly that you’re splitting things up? i’m not sure i get the point entirely 🙂 — i think is too confusing and lacks the coherence i find here.

    1. fredwilson

      I am working on fredwilson.vcIts not a finished productI like the things you can on tumblr, there’s a community thereWhat I should probably do is what bijan did and just move his blog to tumblr but I have a problem doing that because of the domain name of this blog, the archive that is here, and the google power of this blogFred