Credit Crisis Slide Contest

Slideshare is doing a contest to pick the top credit contest slideshow. There are a bunch of good ones. Here’s my two favorites.

Creditcrisis 30slides Final

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Ed

    I liked the Ki-Work presentation very much.And in a great sense, I agree the meta meme of the season isTribe up. You can’t circle the ‘wagon’.Seth is saying it. Chris brogan is saying it. My friend Ed Dale puts it well too;”Business is a team sport more than ever. Even for lone wolf entrepreneurs,collaboration is soundtrack to this next film .”(I must add- I don’t like that Washington is completing the role reversal between the US, and former Soviet Union.)

  2. Kyle S

    While both presentations are very well done graphically, neither of them seem to have a very nuanced understanding of the credit crisis. At least the Ki-Work presentation doesn’t really pretend to do so. Perhaps it’s the imprecision with English that gets me with Johannes’ presentation? I can imagine how difficult it must be to explain complicated financial issues in a language that isn’t your native tongue.

    1. fredwilson

      Actually none of the 12 I reviewed passed that test