A Big Day For The Big Apple and Tech's Apple

This blog, which will be 10 years old in two weeks, was initially called “AVC: Musings of a A VC in NYC”. I thought I might like to think out loud when I named it that. Turns out I do.

So I am going to muse out loud about two important things that will happen today.

First, I am going to vote in the NYC Democrat Mayoral Primary this morning. I plan to vote for Chris Quinn who The Gotham Gal and I have known for around ten years. Chris is a great person and I think that among the Democrats, she will do the best job maintaining the policies and attitude that the Bloomberg administration brought to City Hall. Sadly, I don’t think Chris ran a great campaign and I think that Bill de Blasio did. There is a chance that de Blasio will win enough votes today that he can avoid a runoff. He did not and will not win mine.

Even if Chris wins, I do not plan to vote for her in the General Election. I prefer both Joe Lhota and Jack Hidary to every Democrat candidate for Mayor. I guess that begs the question why am I a Democrat. This is not a long enough post for me to address that. But I can and maybe should at some point.

If you live in NYC and are registered to vote, please make the time to do that today. There is nothing more important in our democracy than our right (and obligation) to vote. Please exercise it.

Second, Tim Cook will take the stage today to announce some new Apple products. Rumor has it he will announce a cheap iPhone (the 5C) and an upgrade to the iPhone 5 (the 5S). The more interesting of these two new phones to me is the 5C. I think Apple needs a cheap phone to compete with Android in the prepaid market which is very important outside the US. And, as I’ve said here before, we need a competitive mobile OS market to keep everyone honest. Google is looking more and more ominous to me and I want to see Apple keep the pressure on them. I hope it goes well for Tim and Apple today.

So it’s a big day for the Big Apple and Tech’s Apple. Days like today mean a lot. I will be paying attention to both as the day develops.

UPDATE: The folks at Sketchfab sent me this 3D rendering of the new iPhone 5C. So here it is in all its glory