Monthly Match Wrap-Up

I woke up Sunday morning in Europe to the news that our monthly match campaign for The Human Utility had crossed the $20k mark and thus our $20k match was fully funded. That was great news but then I saw this tweet from Tiffani, the founder of The Human Utility:

So that means that Jessica Livingston matched our campaign again. Which is incredibly generous but not the least bit surprising if you know Jessica.

So we raised over $60k from 171 different people to help people get the water turned back on in their homes this weekend. It feels great. I appreciate all of the donations from the AVC community that helped us make this happen.

#crowdfunding#hacking philanthropy

Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    This is the good stuff of life.Thanks to all for the leadership.

  2. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:to all who made an assist in this effort you should and are commended.Those who have been given so much,Much will be expected.

  3. Dan Epstein

    Great story. Thanks for doing this every month.