Video Of The Week: Detroit Water Project/The Human Utility

We are in the midst of a monthly match campaign for The Human Utility which used to be called Detroit Water Project.

The founder of this effort, Tiffani Bell, explains the story of how this project came to be in this eight minute video;

If you want to participate in our match campaign after watching the video you can do so here.

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  1. kidmercury

    This is a great cause, water distribution is one of the biggest issues today. Someday soon we’ll have watercoin to reward water conservation and fund water charities and water purification technologies.Contributed, thanks for letting us spend your money fred

  2. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:”Twitted about it.”Would we be at this destination withoutthe Twitter connection? We damn sure hope so.Flint Michigan residents no were to be referenced since Detroit is on the economic rebound thanks to Dan Gilbert bankruptcy purchases.At 4:26 the Ice Bucket Challenge and the laugh. Really! We would only hope it was only her expresssion of surprise as our surprise of her expression.Doing something is better than doing nothing mantra is being yelled at this entry.The introspection doesn’t minimize the great effort and cause started by Tiffani Bell or the support and match of Fred.Why is this entity always challenging verses supporting. (Speaking truth to power, stating the obvious?)Captain Obvious……