Mexico City

Mexico City is an amazing place. The Gotham Gal and I were there around this time last year.

The people, the culture, the energy are all great in Mexico City. It feels like a place on the move where good things are happening.

So I was upset to hear about the devastating earthquake last night.

We have had so many natural disasters in the last month and I understand that we may all be fatigued from giving to all of these needy causes.

But I took some time this morning to give and thought I’d share with all of you where I sent some funds in case you want to do the same.

  1. Salma Hayek’s Crowdrise Campaign to UNICEF’s on the ground relief efforts: I donated $1000.
  2. Bitso’s (Mexico’s largest crypto exchange) Campaign to benefit Red Cross and Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco A.C.: I donated 2 ETH.

It feels good to send some funds to organizations on the ground that are actually helping people in a difficult time.


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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks as yes the pace of these incidents is exhausting and easy to forget the human need.I as well fell for the city early as I opened and managed Telemundo as an account for a few years and spent a lot of time there.Was a bit–quite a bit–rougher then but uniquely and magically itself.

  2. LE

    Just donated $250 to the crowdrise campaign.

  3. Pointsandfigures

    Puerto Rico getting walloped again too. They felt that earthquake in LA, and there was another small one in Bloomington, IL.

    1. fredwilson

      yeah, mother nature is not happy

  4. Mike Cautillo

    Thanks for sharing the Bitcoin aid link Fred…..I would love to see many of the worlds top aid organizations do the same.

  5. creative group

    FRED:Your Philanthropic leanings continue to garner our support and continue to realize we agree with the majority of your charity causes. Your still are our ‘:%/.We realize that any context we use that term would be considered offensive to some. But we never need permission to use it with a term of endearment.

  6. DADA

    I was in the 1985 quake 32 years ago to the date, and I am currently on vacation in Mexico City, where I was born and raised. The tragic feeling of deja vu is indescribable, as is the generosity of the Mexican people. All help is welcome. Thanks so much for pitching in and inspiring others to do the same. All my best, Judy Mam.

  7. DJL

    Mexico City sits, unfortunately, it what is actually a seismic “lens”, The basin surrounding the city tends to redirect and focus seismic waves at the surface. So they get the worst. The last earthquake had many gas explosions and (I think) even greater loss of life. God Bless those people.

  8. panterosa,

    It is terrifying all the damage and destruction. I was in Mexico City in 1985 months before the last big one there.As a designer, I’d like to see more innovation in disaster kits around water, shelter, lighting and food. has a good water pack for 10L, and there’s Lifestraw. Now should be the time when there are contests at art schools to solve the “go bag” needs for all the acts of nature our planet is unleashing on us.Does anyone know of any?

  9. Rob Underwood

    As I have mentioned a couple times here, the startup tech community in Houston rallied a civic hacking effort to assist with Harvey rescue and recovery. See… as an example of one of many platforms and apps they built. Their role in Harvey recovery was very significant.The work the Harvey team has precedent — similar work, in which I was involved, happened during Sandy (see…. And since Harvey, the team involved in the Harvey work rolled into Irma and now Maria recovery and Mexico City help.It’s entirely unpaid volunteers, many of who are people who work in the “gig economy” and have set aside paid work (or looking for paid work) to do this. See…Jeff Reichman, who had led the Houston effort, and myself are trying to create something more permanent since by default this effort is starting to become just that. This means finding some money to pay people a bit — volunteering for a week is one thing but doing so for >month is another.The working name is the Disaster Tech Corps and we already have 200 people who have stepped up. (See We have created a one-pager at… to describe what we are looking to do to take the Harvey/Irma work, coupled with what was started during Sandy, and create a Disaster Tech Corps that has some permanence and funding.I don’t want to distract from Fred’s appeal today too much, but if you are interested in this work, and especially if you may know any one who would like to help fund it, please email me at rob(at)ttmadvisors(com). This role of startup technologists and civic hacking in disaster recovery is becoming more valuable with each disaster.

  10. Rob Larson

    Very sad. One of my friends living in Mexico City took this pic in the aftermath downtown. Lots of fires and damage.https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  11. Sebastian Wain

    My company donated .3 BTCs to the Bitso campaign, several organizations are doing a great job there.

  12. William Mougayar

    If one part of the world isn’t hit by natural disasters, it’s terror attacks, war, or civil strife.Let us soon turn the page on 2017, and hope that 2018 brings better times to all.

    1. jason wright

      Mass media!. It’s a distorted field of view. Hell, fire, and damnation is a very worn out playbook. Peer-to-peer is the way and the light. It will set us free!

  13. ShanaC

    I’m nicknaming this fall the fall where the earth rebelled