Funding Friday: The Shot That Made Me

I backed this photography project earlier this week.

It looks like it may not get funded but that’s a shame because it is a great project.


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  1. sigmaalgebra

    If the project doesn’t result in an actual book, then at least it should have some Web pages. Besides, digital images on a Web site can easily be of higher quality than is easy to get printed on paper for a book. A good image from current high end photography is a bit beyond what can be put on paper in a book.Some of the sample photographs are good art.The both good and bad news is that there’s a lot of really good still image arr and photography on the Internet.Then, uh, let me think …, uh, …, right, a challenge, maybe a bigger one, is good means to let people FIND — search, discovery, recommendation, curation, notification, etc. — such art but WITH honoring the artistic meaning of the art and the user’s artistic taste. Umm, …, how the heck to do that? Uh, it has to be AI, right, I mean, AI, or, as we’ve been told, AI is the future, the best stuff, the best that can be done with software, soon to outdo humans, right???? Naw: In comparison AI is baby drool. Calling a good solution AI would be a grand insult.

  2. jason wright

    Robert Frank. The Americans. If he were alive today i wonder what America he would share with us?It’s not just in photography. In literature who is taking a point of view that challenges the orthodoxy? Is anyone breaking through the conformity?

    1. Lawrence Brass

      Yes. Casey Niestat!He is completely crazy and a friggin’ genius, through hard work.This millenium is getting rid of philosophical, political and cultural stiffness.His scrappy attitude, his disregard for materiality.. I love this guy!Someday he will write a book, or probably not. 🙂

  3. DJL

    These are great images and a very cool idea. As a photography collector I have seen many of these. I’ll check it out. Maybe the pricing model is broken?

    1. LE

      I am guessing that he might have included a bit more on this part among other things:100 world renowned photographers share their career-defining images and the compelling stories behind themI wonder if these are really ‘100 world renown’ per my other comment on the effort that is required to get 100 people to agree or even reply to a cold email. And he doesn’t give an example of any of the ‘compelling stories behind them’. Does he? That is the ‘1000 words part’ that he says will be in the book yet there is none that I see on the kickstarter page. (Picture is worth a 1000 words so I am saying we need some of the words here.)Most people don’t know photographers other than a very limited few that are very well known (like Annie Leibovitz). So they are only going to decide based on what they see and they need to have this sold to them with a bit of words and marketing. In this day and age there are plenty of sharp interesting photos that you can look at. I think that is part of what is going on the prevent this from being more viral.

  4. The Complete BA Trainer

    Awesome images cool i am intrested in them i seen many

  5. LE

    This project is super interesting for a few reasons.It’s notable that he contacted 246 photographers and ended up with a book of exactly 100 photographs from 100 photographers. That’s an exact number. Does that mean that he got exactly (and coincidentally) that amount of agreement? Or that he got, say, 107 and decided to lop off arbitrarily 7 photographers that were good enough to write to in the first place? (Doesn’t make sense to me that he did that but also doesn’t make sense he got such an exact number of people agreeing to be in a book no matter who he is).Getting 100 replies out of cold emailing 246 mostly strangers (or letter writing) takes a tremendous amount of effort. Just to keep track of the replies, follow up. I also wonder how he was able to obtain IP rights to publish so many photos that were notable enough to end up in the book. That in itself seems to be a big can of worms and is non-trivial. I’ve done photography and have gotten paid for it. I can’t say I’d allow my photos to be republished commercially and they are nowhere near as important or significant as the ones that he probably choose for this book.

    1. jason wright

      several groups of photographers represented by the same cartel of management agencies? that cuts down the leg work considerably. it’s probably a few agencies with commercial interconnections (that layer in the publishing stack) driving the selection process. Also research the project’s coordinator (the guy in the video) to see what his affiliations could spend a little bit of time researching each photographer’s agency affiliation and then build up a schematic diagram of the web of commercial interconnections. a similar schematic diagram could be created showing the interconnections in the VC industry. we would then see which firms are gathering together to attempt to control which blockchain niches. there’s always a pattern to recognise. it just requires the motivation and the resources to do it.

  6. Philippe Platon

    Amazing. I hope my contribution triggers a landslide… 😉