Video Of The Week: Consensus 2019

This past Wednesday, I appeared on stage at Consensus 2019 with Paul Vigna of the Wall Street Journal and Brian Armstrong, CEO of our portfolio company Coinbase.

The topic we were supposed to discuss was why crypto has been so full of bubbles and crashes. We did talk about that but we also talked about a lot more. The discussion is about a half hour.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    …and clashes.

  2. Tom Labus

    This train is moving pretty fast for still being in the station. As a retail stock guy, I need to figure how you buy a ticket in the near future (exclusive of betting on bitcoin price swings).This was a great conversation.

  3. cavepainting

    There is also the possibility of crypto networks powering open markets with the right incentives for buyers and sellers to find each other at the right times without a middleman. It is likely the biggest opportunity of all but the path from here to there is likely complicated.

  4. Adam Parish

    Coinbase really is working hard for the ecosystem. Based on my portfolio, I really need them to include Ada and why not — Bnb? Would be great if I could stake both via Coinbase. Since, Coinbase doesn’t have a token (besides the their stable coin), they might as well embrace Binance DEX.

    1. fredwilson

      Unless they roll their own. After all, anyone can do that in their dorm room

  5. awaldstein

    Good one.Sure it is easy and commonplace to say it is early days. Actually says little.That is not an opinion and you both had strong ones which I appreciate.

  6. awaldstein

    there will never be one message as there is no one force to drive anything and interestingly enough, the narratives are all on different arcs.most interesting to me–well one of the most interesting this past week–was Dapper (CryptoKitties) coming out with a wallet (good one) and insisting that it be called a Smart Contract Wallet which is saying that A) needs to easy to get more people onboarded (yes it is pretty good but this will end up in the browser I think, B) people need to know what a smart contract is (strange logic indeed), 3) that ease of use trumps behavioral excitement of the apps/games (no comment) and 4) they are a smart company so maybe I just don’t know shit.

  7. Graeme Blackwood

    You mean like